Poetic Justice anyone?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

If I manage to get a day off work, I will be able to get Friday off to get my braids done.We are on phase two of protective styling challenge and of course as usual we gotta get the box braids in.
We shall give details later, and by the way girlies..do you know anywhere I can get really long braids or what brand of braids can I get that are as long as the ones below?

Maria said...

I've also been wanting long thick braids ever since seeing this solange pic

But I'm afraid they'll be too heavy for my weak edges, that's exactly what damaged my edges in the first place, sigh.

Curly-Natural-Me said...

Xxpression braids by Darling are the longest I've seen locally.

Imani said...

Loving it...& that tattoo down her spine is FIERCE.OMG i want some more tats now.


Mbabazi said...

i want braids like that. i actually tried to get them done this weekend but couldnt find the crazy long ones i wanted. i ended up using darling abujja and they are too short.
@maria how do braids destroy ends?

Tosha said...

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