Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mimi is an online magazine aimed at being the voice of African Women in Diaspora and at home in Africa. The magazine has the greatest covers with beautiful African women on the pages and inside has insights of different happening in Africa, they have articles featuring musicians, fashion designers, moguls and much much more. MIMI magazine is a breath of fresh air and the artwork and design is absolutely stunning.

Lola K of MIMI asked to interview Mary and I for an article in their magazine, we eagerly agreed to do it and they have featured us in the magazine which is great! Please read it here, http://mimimagazine.com/2011/volume7issue2/Style___Love_Peace_And_Hair_Grease___Page_1.html

MIMI also has a blog, http://www.mimimagazine.blogspot.com/ which has daily posts on fashion, hair and beauty as well as lots more.

Tia said...

I came across MIMI a few years ago and I completely forgot about it. Thanks for doing this post.

Nyachomba said...

@Tia...We actually stumbled upon it via a friend..great online publication..you are very welcome..continue supporting them! :-)

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