Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mediterraneo, the unique Italian experience in the heart of Nairobi, brings you an unforgettable experience of true Italian dining. Set in its warm colours, it takes you back to the streets of Florence. Indulge in our specialties of great seafood, pasta and vintage wines. Source

If you are looking to get some great italian fare in Nairobi, Mediterraneo is the place to really challenge your tastebuds. With a menu that will get your tastebuds a melting, you will definitely get taken away, sat in Florence!

The menu reads like a great culinary experience filled with antipasti, pasta, pizza and second piatti (main courses with veal, lamb and steak)..the desserts are to die for! The prices range from 600- 1900. Highly recommended are the,

Tagliatelle al Granchio Alla Fiorentina - Tagliatelle with Lamu crab meat
Tagliatelle al Pesto Genovese - Tagliatele with Pesto
Romana Pizza
Capricciosa Pizza

Shared Starter - Prawn Cocktail which was sooo yummy

Mary went with the Pesto Pasta with Chicken

Mary wishing I could be done taking pics we could dig into the prawn cocktail

Pizza with anchovies, abit too salty but great!

How did I demolish that pizza!

This was the highlight of the meal..oh my! Profiteroles with chocolate sauce..yum triple yum!

Mediterraneo has two branches one in Westlands and at the Junction mall. Take someone you love and wear adjustable clothing. One of the great restaurants in Nairobi with great service and super food!
Randomcarole said...

I loooove the mediteranneo in Nairobi.

However I had a very bad experience at their newly opened (3wks old) branch in Kampala like a fortnight ago. The first time I went there was with a friend 2days after they opened. Only 2 tables were occupied and everything went well coz the waiter heard me speaking Kikuyu and he happened to be Kenyan. Fast forward a week later I take clients there, a few more tables are occupied. First they take over 5 minutes to sit us as we stand there awkwardly, then another 15minutes to take our orders, the attitude was just appalling. The deal breaker was when the Italian proprietor went to all the other tables to enquire about the service and food all the time circumventing ours. The other people were all white so no guessing why. It left me very disappointed not to mention how my clients reacted.

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