Henna, Naked Hair and a Twist

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Good morning :)
I had a calm and relaxed weekend, (the first in a long time) so I decided to do a henna treatment, deep condition and some chunky twists to hold on to till the end of the week.

I love me some henna
After lazing around with my henna for a good 10hours, I rinsed it off and proceeded to deep condition my hair with ORS Replenishing Conditioner (we love this stuff).
NB: I always deep condition after a henna treatment because of the drying effect of henna.
Here is my naked hair (product free hair) in all its shrunken glory! Notice the red tint? I for one love the auburn color!
It only shows in bright light sadly

I sectioned my hair, detangled, partitioned that mass of curly kinks and did a couple of chunky twists. Four flat twists at the front (I'm hoping to have a bang for a twist out) and normal twists in the back (which I hold in a bun).
I used my spritz mix and home-made shea butter/ peppermint and aloe pudding to moisturize and seal (yum).
I gathered the tips of the twists and just pinned them up, I like the unexpected retro look :)
et, voila!

I'm rocking this look for as long as my twists can hold up. My hair is stupid soft so they start to fluff up pretty fast. If you have the same problem, re-twisting dry twists with a bit of moisturizer and caster oil is a great way to keep them neat and stretched out. I'll see how they hold up though.
I'll show you how the twist out turns out! Stay tuned for the sequel! Remember, I'm trying to achieve a killer curly bang! Wish me luck!

Love and peace x
Shones said...

Gorgeous! I like the lip color, too. I am thinking about trying henna again. I stopped because of the dryness I experienced afterward, but I think I just need to make sure I use the right conditioner following the treatment. Thanks for sharing your results.

Mary said...

Hi Shones! Thanks for reading. I used to be a bit iffy about henna as well but now I'm very diligent when it comes to moisturizing and regular DC-ing and it has helped. ORS is the truth!

The lip color is Revlon Matte lipstick 007 In the Red. I nicked it from my sister ;)I like it too!

Imani said...

I might stop reading this blog(who am i kidding)i so love y'alls curls. You are working that lip color Mary...

JandyKanini said...

Looks like the henna did good by you...lemme ask, no harm intended, DCing right after with another protein like ORS Replenishing Conditioner (especially after a 10 hour henna treatment), won't that lead to a protein overload..?

N which Henna brand did you use for this?

Curly-Natural-Me said...

I love the auburn tint. Can u share with me what ingredients you mixed up to make the henna paste?

Mary said...

Hola Imani! Thanks for the love mami :)

Hey Jandy, no harm done my dear, this will be a long one, bear with me. ORS is a moisturizing/light protein treatment and a great option for those who do not like hard proteins. I swear by this stuff simply from the results it has yielded in the past for my hair.

It's advised that one mustn't use henna and do a protein treatment at the same time or even within the same week. Henna mimics protein...so if your hair is dry now, doing a protein treatment might make it worse. Now, I always henna when my hair feel slick and overly soft (I tend to lie heavy on the moisture side of the protein/ moisture scale). I'm not big on protein treatments but this gamble works wonders for me.

Hope that answers your query! thanks hun.

Mary said...

Sorry Jandy, the brand we use is Nupur Mehendi henna! It's around KES 90-100 at Super Cosmetics BUT only KES 85 at any Tuskys. Gotta love Tuskys.

Mary said...

Hi Curly-Natural-me! Thanks hun. You can find the preparation guidelines on this post;

It was edited to accommodate readers who would like to know how to prepare henna.

:) happy hennaing!

Anonymous said...

hi kurlykichana. I have had natural hair all my life, I usually blow-dry it, but it is healthy (i think). It is as long as the middle of my back. my mother has been hennaing mine and my sisters hairs for many years, since i was a kid. And i think that is why it is so strong.
Because i blow-dry so much for work i like to treat my hair with products like hiar mayonnaise, wheat-germ and homemade things like eggs and avocado. Is this bad?
Many people tell me my hair is beautiful, but i do not know how to keep it when it is not straight.

Kindly tell me if my conditioning is ok and how to style without blow-drying.

PS: i like to add ground beetroot (the juice) to my henna as it makes my hiar even more red.
Good job guys, you are both very pretty girls.
God bless.

Maria said...

Can't wait to see how it turns out. Is this similar to what you do to get the twist out you had at the natural meet-up?

Mary said...

Hey anon! To start with, the process of cleansing, detangling and twisting that I have attempted above is one way to style hair without heat. Thanks for the beetroot tip!

About your conditioning methods, It all depends on how often you do these treatments (protein need not be done regularly! every 6-8 weeks) and whether or not you infuse the right amount of moisture for your hair type. Please let us know the frequency. Wow girl, I can't wait till my hair is down to my back... one day I guess!

Hola Maria, no the twists I did for the meet-up were smaller and denser. I wanted to try something chunkier in the hopes that the twist out will have more volume to it. Here's to hoping!

Anonymous said...

WOW. I love your hair. I love this blog. I recently went natural and I cant wait to get a big ass afro. Thanks for all the tips girls!

JandyKanini said...

Hi quick question.
My hair is dark brown in colour, I would like to know whether my hair will become darker over time if I henna, say, once a month?

Thank you.

Kurly said...

@Jandy...Thanks for the comment...Henna does not make hair darker, only gives a red tint...if you would like to go darker maybe try indigo which u can get from indian shops...

Irene-lisa M said...

hey gorgeous hair u have there! i looove henna treatments. My hair feels a lot stronger now! i wanted 2 get a more auburn tint so i recently added rosella( dried hibiscus leaves) to my tea mixture and it worked like a charm!Just thought i should share this with u in case u wanted a deeper red tint

Irene-lisa M said...

hey gorgeous hair u have there! i loove henna treatments. they make my hair feel so strong and voluminous. I recently added rosella(dried hibiscus leaves) to my tea mixture just so that i could get a deeper auburn tint and i must say it worked like a charm. Just thought i should share this lil tip.

Sarah Emma said...

That's amazing, I like the color / shade that appears because of henna. Henna is the best natural hair conditioner.

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