Bangin' Twist Out

Thursday, June 9, 2011


So it's picture day at work today. Now you know I wasn't about to have my image forever immortalized as a representative for my awesome workplace in some raggedy old twists. Aww hell naw! As such, they had to come out a day ahead of schedule. Trust me I am not complaining.

I undid the twists this morning... and this is puffy 'bang' result I was sorta hoping for!

Behold a series of gratuitous pictures of myself :)

I pinned up the back with a couple of bobby pins, (every natural gal needs these little life-savers) and fluffed up the front. I always untwist using a bit of oil on my fingertips.

So that's it!

Oh, the days lip color of choice is Cover Girl Wetslick Amazemint - unwined rouge-haut. I love it. The mint flavor is, well, amazemint!

Enjoy your Thursday.
Anonymous said...

Gawwwwgeous! Or as my Jang' brothas would say....Godhjiaaaasss!!


A Simple Thing said...

You look extremely elegant - is the back a pin and roll?

Mary said...

AWWWwwww... thanks guys! Hey AST, yeah I gathered up the back hair rolled it up and pinned it. I had no clue it was called a 'pin and roll'! (what else?) Thanks for that schooling :)

A Simple Thing said...

I call it a pin and roll, but my friend constantly refers to it as a French roll. No matter what it's called, you look good! ^_^

KinkyCurlyYoungLady said...


Athena said...

Keep representing!

Anonymous said...

Not a Janelle Monae/

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