Against Length retention!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Length is an elusive bugger!! You detangle,deep condition and avoid trimming all to gain those extra inches but still the little bugger just side steps us.

We started this blog to share our experiences both negative and positive. One thing we have found is that we are not retaining as much length as we would like to and this would be because we slack on our regimens just gets ahead of you on the regular , sleeping with no headscarf on, slacking on moisturising, missing deep conditioning sessions, not detangling properly. These are all reasons that slow our length retention.

What little things do you think help length retention and how do you guys retain your length?
Shones said...

Good question! Somehow I have been retaining length, but I don't think about it very often. Maybe the trick is to not think too much about length (if that makes any sense at all, lol). I wash weekly, do two-strand twists, leave them in for a couple days, take them down and do the twist out for a couple days, and repeat.

The other thing is, sometimes we actually are retaining length but don't know it, and this is why I realized I must take pictures at least monthly so I can see my progress. Otherwise, it can *feel* like nothing's happening, and I won't realize my hair really is growing at a steady pace.

Anonymous said...

Ditto on that...I guess i also never really think about it too until someone makes a comment about how much it has grown....on a slightly different note ladies,the hair(s) looks lovely, mind if i ask whether these are weaves or bangin' twist outs? They look gawwwwwgeous and huge!

Maria said...

My growth has also slowed down. As Shones said above, I think I just need to leave it alone ie every two weeks, wash and protective style. I've been wearing my hair out for a while just because of laziness ie wash and gos. Also some dry combing during the day :( because the HR lady at work shoots my fro nasty looks

Shiks said...

I am scissor happy.I have had atleast 4 major trims after my bc. I straightened a few days ago and I am shoulder length a year after my bc.

I am wishing/praying for apl by December. I plan to braid it up till then,wearing braids for a month,dcing and doing it again. I will add more water and fish oil and see how it goes. I want APL badly!

Anonymous said...

The key is low manipulation and patience. I usually keep my hair braided/cornrowed up(without extensions). We all want results fast but remember hair grows about half an inch monthly. With kinky/curly hair, you my not notice this much. I recently straightened my hair and was surprised that it's indeed longer, most times it seems stuck at the same length.

Whatever length you're at, enjoy it and be creative. For me the biggest problem is finding creative styles I can do on my own and the motivation to keep at it.

Nyachomba said...

@Shones I believe highly about taking pictures..they provide a lot of progress markers. I have not straightened in a long while and it was the way I used to check length...I do not do that anymore suffer from hairexia
@Miss Anon..Not weaves at all just twistouts that had been on for too long!
@Maria hehehe curses to the HR lady..wash n gos are evil for my hair..fairy knot central
@Shiks I also am scissor happy been cutting a lot this past few weeks...I am not sure how long my hair is..but I need to take better care of it before it all breaks off le sigh

Curly-Natural-Me said...

Since i started doing a bit of protective styling, i have been retaining growth. My TWA is visibly longer and despite my hair shrinking up to 50% its actual length, it has grown. I feel that also deep conditioning even when in braids has helped.

Stylifiq said...

I finally made the decision to go natural with a big announcement on my blog... hope to see it through.. I'll be looking up to u guys for support.... to kinks and locs

kinky_lockz said...

i feel like i'm at this point now also. my hair seems to have its best growth with daily co-washing/wetting (see cynthiarf on youtube) but as you mentioned this can cause major SSKs or tangles. so i've re-vamped my routine decided to shampoo/deep condition once a week and moisturise DAILY. the key for me is low-manipulation and moisture. my fine strands were suffering from manhandling with tools.. now re-learning to finger comb first, section and trim whatever needs to go.

Anonymous said...

I loooove your curly hair! I have very, very thick strands that seem to stand on end and I wish I could achieve a curly fro. My hair texture is the reason why I keep starting to go BC and changing my mind to relaxing again. I waaaaaaaaaaant curly natural hair. What do I do?

PS: What's APL and how's fish oil helpful to natural black hair? (sowy, i'm a newbie... lotsa questions)

Nyachomba said...

@Stylifiq..CONGRATULATIONS!!! Defo here to give you all the support you need

@Kinky_lockz...Thats so true and I think thats what I need to be vigilant with...a major trim once the braids are on..then daily moisture and less handling
@Kipepperpepper...Thank you very much. First you have to make friends with your texture..once you get to accept and love the hair...everything will fall into place.
APL is Armpit Length..i.e. when your hair reaches your armpit... Fish oil is beneficial for all bodily processes and not just hair..good for skin as well

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