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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Did you guys have a great weekend?Hope so! It was another lovely long weekend with Labour day falling on 1st May and then Monday being a day off!!Good times

We (Mary and I) have been brainstorming about doing hair consultations, you may remember when we started the blog we showed you guys some of the consultations we did,

As you may all know we are not experts but have a lot of experience via trial and error and a passion for hair especially natural hair. We would love to offer you guys the chance to chat about natural hair while getting your hair done, advice from our unique and individual experiences, learning about products and how they work, help in creating a well suited regimen, and notes on different styling and hair care practices.

For more information please send an email to (telephone number should be up by the end of the day)

Enjoy the week lovelies!

Anonymous said...

Jeez Mary...your hair looks like it sprinted out of your scalp and broke Rudisha's record!!
And as for you look like a Queen.
Y'all look like royalty!

Sharon said...

Hey, just read your blog. I have had natural hair in the form of dreads for 4 years now and I'd like help with making a spray out of oils like tea-tree or olive or anything locally available and affordable. I'd like something to stimulate growth and moisturize my scalp and I can mix up at home. Please help!

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