Would you let your boyfriend/husband do your makeup?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I just watched this video that I stumbled upon on Afrobella, It has surely made my day.

Question, Would you let your better half do your makeup?
Anonymous said...

I saw this video elsewhere and that noise he makes with the brush is the funniest thing ever!


Jc said...

No he wouldn't be interested lol. The last bit of the video is a classic with him going, 'Nooo' to the lipstick.

Shones said...

I have seen this floating around and finally watched it. I laughed the whole way thru! whew! perfect way to end my lunch break today.

Nyachomba said...

@S This video made my day...so funny...the noise with the brushes is so cute and I love how confident he is with the work lol
@JC I would have to pay my boyfriend a lot of money to be interested in even doing a makeup video. Its so funny
@Shones....I saw it in the morning...could not stop laughing

Ariane said...

Hell yeah I would if he knew what he was doing lol.

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