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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

We got an email from one of our lovely readers,

Now, what can I do about shrinkage?I BC'd a year ago - I'm about 4 inches in, but my hair shrinks about 90%.What can I do, without blow-drying it?Please advise, or direct toward advise.

Thanks guys!

As we have said many times before on this blog is that shrinkage is a love-hate thing. Shrinkage is part and parcel of being natural and you just have to love it, because if you do not it can have you clutching at hair shears at 11pm....looking crazed.

How to handle Shrinkage

  • Make sure your hair is detangled completely and as you finish detangling the sections, braid or twist each section. Braiding keeps the hair more elongated hence reducing shrinkage. Leaving the hair to dry in braids is a good idea, when its 50% dry you can then unravel the braids and start styling.
  • Keep your hair in protective styles such as twists for a few days before you enjoy your twist out. A great tutorial here from this blog,
  • When doing twists, try make them tight and use a strong holding product such a gel or curl cream, this will result in less shrinkage when you have your hair out
  • Henna treatments have worked to loosen the curl pattern of some ladies and hence reduce shrinkage, I think this has helped Mary and I to some extent.
  • Lastly embrace the shrinkage, when you tug at a strand of hair and you realise how long it will surely make you smile

Hope this answers your question :-)

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Maria said...

When I style, I've come to think of my hair as 50% of it's actual length. I just measured a hair and its 7.5 inches (and I thot it wasn't growing!) But I usually wear a not-so-teeny weeny fro thats about 3 inches. Those girls in the pics above probably have 12 inch plus stretched out hair. It's life.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you have and more - but at 4 inches and 90% shrinkage (1.5cm TWA), braiding and twisting are too time consuming. I guess it's now left to working on embracing it... for another year at least. urgh!

But, I will definitely look into the henna - thank you :D

Nyachomba said...

@Maria....Its life thats very true.just have to enjoy having the hair..and as it grows the length will start showing due to the weight of the hair
@Anonymous You are very welcome..henna does do some loosening if used consistently..enjoy this stage..there gets to a stage when you just want to chop off your hair coz its long, tangles easily and just wont behave

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