Raggedy ends

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Its 9pm and I have just finished twisting my hair and dusting my ends. My ends feel much smoother and healthier. I had neglected trimming my hair and the balls on the ends of my strands were giving me heart and hairache while detangling as well as losing a lot of hair while styling.

As a rule, I will endeavour to trim my hair every 6 weeks with my next trim due mid-June.

trimmed ends

The video below shows how to trim/dust natural hair :-)

cassidybarrett said...

Hey I just finished trimming my ends too and I felt so sad because of all the hair that was gone. My hair was really dry, but anyway, it's just hair right? It grows back lol!

Nyachomba said...

Its just hair at the end of the day..just done another mini trim..hair feels so good. Thanks for the comment :-)

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