Guilty Pleasures

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Good morning,
It's chilly out here in Nairobi. The threat of rain hangs heavily on the air, I'll be in meetings all day today and get this, I forgot my lunch at home. Triple bugger.

I reckon that this is the perfect moment to get lost in fantasy and list down all the little things that make me smile secretly to myself! That ought to get me through this terrible Tuesday. I hereby ask that you indulge me and have a read.

Judgement is welcome. Feel free to share your own.

Guilty Pleasures:

1. Nutella (yep, the amazing, divine, inspired bread-spread)
I go nuts for this stuff! I love nutella so much, I'd wrestle a playground full of 6 year olds for it. I can eat it plain, on white bread, with cookies, cake, carrots, celery... I LOVE NUTELLA!

2. Wearing your Boyfriend's/ Husband's/ Significant other's clothes
Even though it may drive them crazy. I find it adorable :)

3. Watching Cheesy 90's Chic Flicks.
Now before you go rolling those eyeballs, let me take you back... back to a time where movie leads were the epitome of what romance is all about.

The men were rough, broad-shouldered and more often than not had a bit of stubble... and the women were sharp-tongued damsels in distress bearing fantastic perms. I revel in the predictable nature of such movies, the boy always got the girl.

4. Working Out Way too Hard
I'm like a semi-neurotic army general when it comes to fitness. I go at it and push myself way too hard but man it feels sooo good. I am currently unable to scratch my nose because my arms are super sore. And guess what, I'll go push myself some more tonight.

I blame Wonderwoman.

5. My Red Lipstick.
I love me some red lips. I really do.

6. Talking to Strangers on the Street. Not in a Weird Kinda Way but like Giving Directions and Stuff.
Is that creepy? I don't think so. I'm told when I walk I put on this serious "TALK TO ME AND DIE A THOUSAND DEATHS" face... so when people walk up to me for a general inquiry I light up like a Christmas tree! I welcome it!

On that note, Nyachomba and I LOVE it when our readers stop us on the street to say hi. So please feel free to do so whenever you spot us. Don't mind my angry face, I'm probably just thinking about cheese, or dinosaurs or something.

Busy Nairobi.

7. XBOX 360. A.K.A. life.
I've spent billions of precious seconds on my brothers console. Each second was better than the last. Video games rule.

8. Tumblr.
I love Tumblr... it's like a online world for like-minded lifeless souls to meet, laugh and share awesome stuff!

9. Re-reading Novels.
If ever there was an indication that I need a life, this must be it.

- I love the Jane Austen Classic, Pride and Prejudice. It's my favorite love story. I think I've read it about six times.

- Ken Follets Pillars of the Earth. Three times

- Nadine Gordimer, The Pickup. Read once, but I've thought about it numerous times and cried consequently.

- Junot Diaz, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. Read it twice, and I am currently rereading it. Please read this book.

10. Chips. French Fries. Waru.


sweet mercy.

Yeah ... that's if for now.

Later yaol!
Val said...

Ok that last pic..seriously has me craving some fries now! I love Pride and Prejudice (the book and the BBC tv series) much..its my go to on gloomy days.

Mary said...

Oh Miss Val, I adore that book. I fancy myself a young black Elizabeth (blush* I've said too much)!
Let me know if you have fries for lunch... I fear I might!

Nancie Mwai said...

awesome list! 1 question how do you stay so committed to the gym? I cant seem to break the 1 month curse...I always stop after a can tweet me the answer!x

Mwesh said...

Anyway, General Mary! What do you use for in at your weakest point when every fibre of your being says NOOOO!!

Mary said...

@Nanci and Mwesh, oh hai! thanks for reading :)Nyash is planning on doing a post about how to lose weight. I'm sure she'll cover motivation in it. If you want to know more about my regimen and the pyschosis behind it, I'll be glad to do a follow up. x

SugarPuss said... word: OREOS!

Anonymous said...

Oh post the psychosis and everything involved, some of us only a miracle can save us. Am with nancy on the one month. Fallen on some hard financial times so gym out of the question and go figure the really healthy stuff is reaaally expensive! Just have a couple of dvds but zero motivation.
To make it worse my guilty pleasures are viazis like you and anything that is greasy, sweet, salty,milky and the list is endless

Anonymous said...
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