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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

You have finally decided to cut off your relaxed hair! Your left with 2- 3inches of hair, shock! horror! disbelief! Your hair is dry and hard and your sad and thinking "why the heck did I do this". Since your fro is at TWA stage you decide to dye your hair red or blonde....its short anyway why not experiment.

Most ladies walk up to Mary and I and mention that their hair is so hard and not soft like yours or is so dry. Darlings!! Our hair is very dry naturally and we have to work to keep it soft and manageable. Moisturised hair is happy hair and curly/coily hair. A good moisturising regimen is crucial to keeping your hair soft and curly/coily.

So how do you moisturise? This could be as simple as mixing water and conditioner in a spray bottle and using this spritz on your hair then sealing with a butter or oil, which traps the moisture in. You could also buy a commercial moisturising cream or lotion without mineral oil and use this.

There are 3 key tips to keep your hair soft!
  1. Always look for a moisturising product with water/aqua as the first ingredient
  2. Moisturise hair as often as possible, some people even keep a spritz bottle in their handbags.
  3. Alway seal hair with either an oil or butter this will trap moisture.
P.S The pictures of the lip colour week for yesterday and today will be up this evening

Sonnie kay said...

Oh gosh!thankyou.exactly wat i needed..thankyou!

Curly-Natural-Me said...

So true! I have two spritz bottles, i can one at home and the other in the office.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you need to keep a spray bottle in the handbag, but then again to each his own. All the points you state are true

I'd also like to point out that while natural butters are best, a product with mineral oil would also work. I say this because, mineral oil simply forms a barrier in this case on the hair, trapping in moisture. There are still lots of people that use stuff like Blue Magic etc and it works. If you can't get a natural butter, then that's an option.

Finally, the frequency of washing matters alot! Most women who relax or blow dry to maintain the straight look avoid water as much as possible-say washing hair after 3 weeks or more. I'm sure someone out there identifies with this!! You certainly don't have to wash daily but I think 7-10 days should be a happy medium especially if you don't have much time on your hands.

Also reduce or avoid DIRECT heat e.g. blowdryers, flat irons. It also strips that moisture away.


kinky_lockz said...

my #4 co-wash or rinse, daily if i can :)

Nyachomba said...

@Sonnie are very welcome, hope it all works for you
@Curly Natural Me....yeah I just moisturise twice a day
@S Thanks for the input, I do not care for products with mineral oil, I just find it artificial especially knowing its a by product of crude need spending money on that when you can get simple oil...I even use cooking sunflower oil.
I think also most of us avoid using heat and even with that we find that our hair is dry which is why you find some ladies with spritz bottles in their offices/handbags. Most of us wash our hair at minimum every 7 days. Thanks for the comment

Anonymous said...

a question is this the same for guys that want to grow there hair?

Mary said...

Yes sir it is!

Wivine Daphne Gwaneza said...

A question : doesn't using a regular conditioner as a leave in have some effect on the hair?

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