And The Winner Is... (Drum-roll please) Pt.1

Friday, May 27, 2011

Hola mamis,

Just a few more hours to the meet-up! It's a sunny day out here in Nairobi, may the god of small favors keep it that way for another 48hours.

Moving on!

I can't wait to see all the different hair styles and outfits that y'all will be rocking. Well, I'm sure by now you know that Nyachomba and I are huge fans of fashion (eclectic and individual style to be precise); so we figured, why not throw in a prize for the lovely lass (or lad) who will be sporting the most unique look. So there you have it! A gift for the most unique/ individual look! Work it!

We will also be giving away a prize for the most sociable socialite! This individual will receive a gift for being the most outgoing and chatty bee at the meet-up. Go on, make a few new friends :) We shall also have 2 free hair consultations by yours truly up for grabs!

For those of you who wanna be down with the product swap, be sure to carry that hair care product that you don't want anymore. I've got my duplicates ready for departure. Remember though, nothing less than three quarters full (c'mon, it's only polite).

Now... on to the grand prize. The raffle winnings.

Nyachomba and I selected all our favorite natural hair care products that we trust and swear by and put them into this one fabulous gift basket (of pure awesomeness). We even threw in a couple of our personal smile-bringers (candy, nail polish...) The gift basket also contains hand-crafted earrings by the lovely Iquira. Shall I go on? Pure shea butter pudding, conditioners and cleansers.. e.t.c. Why you ask (L'Oreal forgive me) BECAUSE YOU'RE WORTH IT!

Raffles tickets fetch for KES 200! If possible came with change ready at hand. We will have the final draw at the end of the days activities. If you're a gambling woman such as myself know that you are permitted to buy more than one ticket. May Lady Luck smile upon you my dearies!!

We'll be seeing all you rock stars tomorrow. I cannot wait.

Mad love.

wanjiru kayanda said...

Mary!! I love Love L.O.V.E the blog!! I can't seem to get enough!!
I remember the last time I saw you some time last year, and you told me you had a blog on natural hair.. I caught a glimpse of it early then but completely forgot about it till just yesterday when I stumbled upon it once again and I just love it!! Great job you guys!! Your articles are lovely. Very informative and very very entertaining! :)
I recently underwent the big chop myself n yes, i did go through those first few torturous weeks of self- doubt, "omg what did i do? what the hell was i thinking?" and what not, but slowly i eased into the whole look and especially the feel of it all. I finally got it!
And now I can't tell you how much in love i am with my cushy little coils and how liberating it all feels!!

Great job on the blog and on spearheading this beautiful revolution guys! you truly are a blessing.
hope to make it to the next kurlies meet up.

an emancipated black girl:)

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