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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Blogger has been acting up today, was hoping to get this post out earlier.We always do natural hair features on this blog but have never really gone into locs.The lady we are featuring today has got to be the bubbliest girls you will ever meet, she has the ability to put emotions into words and is a great person to be around. Her name is Adelle and she is a poet as well as a radio presenter on OneFM..catch her from 4pm. Enjoy

1. Firstly how did you have your hair before you loc'd it and how long have you had your locs in?

I've had my locs for 3 and a half years now! And before that I was the queen of braids haha! I tried ALL types of braids! Then when I got tired I cut it into a short hair-do, which I thought would be easier to maintain - SHOCK ON ME!!! I practically lived in salons (HATE SALONS BTW) After a month of that, I turned to locs. The idea was to have them for at most 2years, but I fell in love :-)

2. What was your family's reaction to you getting locs?

Hahaha my family has known to expect the unexpected with me, be it in terms of piercings and unconventional stuff. When I got the locs everyone just went with it, they weren't too shocked :-)

3. With your poetry, do you think your locs play alot to your poet image?How does having locs affect your career?

In terms of stereotypes (which I hate) yes they do. But in reality even if I had relaxed hair, i'd still be a poet! But that's in terms of image. However, my hair is part of me, especially now that I do it myself, so it's part of Adelle the radio host, Adelle the poet but I don't think it directly influences my writing!

4. How do you take care of your locs and what products do you use?

I loc my hair every 2 weeks at home. It's so convenient!!! I use moulding wax to loc it, and a colour retaining shampoo and conditioner. Also use a herbal oil that's really awesome :-)

5. How long do you intend to grow your locs?and who is your loc idol?

I'm just going with the flow really!! I guess a length thats both practical and easy to mantain! Loc idol...I LOVE YVONNE CHAKA CHAKA's locs (tho she wants to cut them off *gasp*)!

6. What do you love most about having locs?and how do you style them?

I love that I can do my hair at my convenience and don't have to go to the salon! I also love the natural feel. Like I don't have to use "fake" hair to achieve a look that I'm happy with. As for styling I'm quite the tomboy so I used to have a lady called Fatuma style my hair only when I really needed it BUT now I'm actually tryng out new things at home! Last week I had a one sided bun that was pretty neat (But do I say lol)

7.What are your thoughts on the Kenyan perception of dreadlocs

Humans LOOOOVE stereotypes and labelling others! Women with dreadz are seen as OUTSPOKEN, ARTSY or sometimes even REBELS! And hey, maybe those attributes are true about me BUT they aren't linked to my hair! But I'm ok with the odd look every so often by either older people or weaved-up girls haha!

8. For your poetry, what inspires you and how did you get into it? You started Open Mic, how is that going?

I begun poetry - writing - while in Botswana. The school system I was in was very flexible and thats how I learnt about my love for poetry. begun writing then, that was 2003. I came back home 2 years later and joined St. Mary's and continued writing but just for fun! In August 2009 the opportunity to host my own Open Mic came up! I jumped on it and haven't looked back! I had to slow things down this year because juggling a job, school plus a monthly gig was hard but I didn't cancel it - Just made it every 3months. Its my 1st love. If Poetry could get dressed up in a tuxedo, Marriage pap! Haha but seriously, Its AMAZING getting to mix with other artists and just be around such positive energy! What inspires me? LIFE! Everything I go through and everything I see people go through! The good, the bad....the bizarre :-)

9. Where can people get hold of your poetry?

I've been working on publishing my poetry for the longest tme. I'm not yet done with that. So for now I do performances and I have a blog that I keep updating with poetry just so I keep in the practice of writing : (mouthful huh?)

Happy Thursday Lovelies

Anonymous said...

Great exposee into the Adelle locs. I love it

Summer bee said...

*greatly inspired*
This is a sign :)

Anonymous said...

I love Adelles dreads. Keep them growing girl, you wear them beautifully. Let us know more about your poetry events.


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