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Monday, May 30, 2011


We had a great Saturday at the Kurly Kichana Natural Hair Meetup. So many beautiful ladies all with gorgeous hair turned up! It was absolutely lovely being surrounded by so much positivity from ladies proud to have natural hair. We shall do a post with a run down of what went down plus lots and lots of pictures.

After the weekend, I plopped into bed without tying a scarf and woke up to a nightmare on my head, read bad hair day!

Argh!! courtesy of googleimages

I spend the day doing nothing and woke up to the same mess this morning! Insanity much! I then had to devise a plan to condition, detangle and style my hair for the week in under 20mins.

Plan of Action! Enter shower, rinse hair with baking soda and water, finger detangle, rinse, apply deep treatment/conditioner, continue with other shower duties, rinse off treatment, apply leave in and gel, detangle section by section as I flat twist, seal ends with castor oil, pin up the twists and off I went to get dressed for work.

  • This took less than 20mins
  • My hair was clean and conditioned
  • When you do this in the shower, the steam from the hot shower will help your treatment penetrate better.
Enjoy the day
Jc said...

Tease Tease! Can I please see some *Pictures!!* of the meet up!

MissL said...

Seconds Jc - pics pretty please.

kinky_lockz said...

innit! she's just enjoying our desperation lol

kinky_lockz said...

anywho, i must sincerely commend you for doing all this in 20 min. specially the detangling and twisting.. it's nothing short of amazing and superb!

Nyachomba said...

@JC, Miss L, kinky_lockz...sorting through these pics is madness...I promise they will be up this afternoon...sowy!!

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