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Monday, April 18, 2011

We recently got a request to list a few of our favourite fashion blogs. Below are 5 of our favourite fashion blogs.

1. Karla Deras is a very influential fashion blogger and mixes great vintage pieces with high end designers. If I got into her closet, I would die..Its bananas!
2. Cupcakes and Cashmere, Emily makes the yummiest looking food and her sense of style is so her pictures are to die for. An L.A Native..she mixes great vintage pieces with high end pieces as well as adding in Forever 21 goodies.

3. Omo Writes. This lady really knows how to work pieces you did not think would work together.Her New York sense of style is truly awe inspiring. She does not shy away from things you probably would not wear. Plus the parties she goes to are just..le sigh!

4. Belle, She first started as one of the first UK based natural hair bloggers but once she started doing outfit posts everyone got hooked. She is a fellow Primark lover and mixes a lot of affordable brands such as River Island and H&M. She has the same body shape as I and it makes me smile to see how she can be wearing a 60's shift one day, maxi skirt the next and jeans and a tshirt the next day.

Cats and a Rocking Chair, Morven's style is a mix of grunge and hippie. Love it. My alter ego probably wears this to bed...I love it. Her jewellery is to die for...turquoise rings and crosses.
Enjoy the day peeps!
Val said...

I adore Karla's closet..if I could raid it (and fit into it)I would!

Belle's blog is pretty cool too!

Nyachomba said...

Karlas closet is heavenly..waaarrr those are dreams, me going into her closet

Shiks said...

Thanks for doing this. Off to explore. I did a similar post on my blog last year,check it out.

Nyachomba said...

@Shiks.Enjoy the explorations..these are just a fraction of the fashion blogs I read

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