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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Margaret said...

Yes they do! The second girl to the right looks EXACTLY like my cousin! she's also going natural (transitioning), I'll send her this link so that she can have a look at how pretty she'll be when she cuts it.

Anonymous said...

Great inspirational post ladies! Now, on a totally unrelated question (please indulge me) hair (4B)gets rock hard when i use protein treatments like say, ORS Hair Mayo...why is this? is it ok? how do i fix it? I always have to use my co-wash conditioner afterward- unlike when my hair was consfued..
Always a pleasure visiting your blog!

Shiks said...

I love the pictures.

@Anonymous,natural hair is keratin abundant. Relaxing changes your hair structure during the straightening,causing spaces that need to be filled by protein.

You can't fix it,it is just how your hair is. Try moisture treatments vs protein as that is what your hair needs.Nunaat,available at Beauty Options has affordable options.Hope this helps.

Nyachomba said...

@Margaret and Anonymous.Thanks glad you enjoyed it
@Anonymous...I reiterate what Shiks said that relaxing hair breaks down the keratin bonds in the hair...making it weak whilst straight..thats why deep conditioners aimed at relaxed hair are mainly protein based. Because as a natural your hair has strong keratin bonds you do not need such strong protein and not very often up your moisture treatments and use protein treatments once every 4-6 weeks.When looking at deep conditioners make sure they have moisturising ingredients.
@Shiks..Many thanks

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