Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hello there,

So if you are Kenyan and living in Nairobi, you must have realised that Kenya is going through a revolution..a fashion revolution, a beauty revolution and of course where we fit in..a hair revolution. In Nairobi we are now able to get textiles and products that we couldn't before and developing our own sense of style.

Where I'm I going with this. Nancie Mwai a fashion loving student at USIU has launched an online magazine that is way ahead of its time and is filled with stunning pictures, great fashion direction and of course well written articles.

Support her by visiting the Magazine and her Blog. Look out for an article from us.

Enjoy the day!
Nuerki said...

EEE!I just read you guys' article in the magazinee and all i have to say is just Beautiful!buerriful mwah mwah, straight to the point and just carefully crafted!BIG Ups to you bothh

Kuzakai said...

Revolution for sure! and Kasha is clearly making it's mark in it!

kinky_lockz said...

great job ladies :) super proud to be Kenyan!!!! #staywinning

Nyachomba said...

@Nuerki, Kuzakai and ms thang :-)..Thanks for the love..Kenya is definitely doing big things

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