How much is your hair and skin worth?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

In this article in the Daily Nation,

"Recent research shows that Kenyans spend an estimated Sh5 billion a month buying beauty products. These include baby care products, bath and shower products, cosmetics, deodorants, fragrances, oral care as well as skin care products."

"Kenyans spend almost Sh500 million on hair care products a month and another Sh500 million on skin care.Hair care products and fragrances account for the bulk of the beauty industry’s billions."

This article was eyeopening and a very interesting read. I came up with an idea to find out how much I spend each month on beauty products and its a bit sad because I do not spend much. My monthly budget for skincare is very very small, illustrated below,

Haircare and Skincare

Conditioner(s), Cowashing and Deep conditioning Kshs 1000

Coconut Oil Kshs 220

Olive Oil Kshs 280

Neutrogena Face Wash Kshs 500 (from the US)

Rosewater (Toner) Kshs 80

Moisturiser Simple Moisturising Fluid Kshs 800

I spend this much maybe every 2 and a half months hence I spend Kshs 1152 per month.

How much do you guys spend?


Anonymous said...

I think the most important question is what PERCENTAGE of your income goes to beauty products? I read the article you linked to and one lady says she earns KShs 14,000 and spends Kshs 5,000 on beauty products. That's 35%! Abit much in my opinion.

Another interesting comparison would be whether you spend more or less since you went natural? Of course this would only apply to those who had perms or relaxers. So here's my breakdown for hair only:

Shampoo - $3.00 (once a year!-at most twice)
Conditioner - $3.00 (about 2 or 3 times a month)
Coconut oil-$7-9.00 (about twice a year)
Shea and mango butter-$4.00 each
Total-approx. $38.00

Will bump it up to $50.00 for the whole year. These are only items I used on the regular in the past year, I've left out things bought just to try out. I've also left out things like combs, or braiding hair etc. But usually they are in the same price range. P.S. I "deep condition" with regular conditioner, under a dryer, 20 mins max. That's why no deep conditioner is listed.
Less is more. My hair is in better shape now than when I was continuously trying new things every couple of months.


Nyachomba said...

Hey S! Yes I saw that this woman was spending so much money on beauty products. My monthly budget on beauty products is not even a fraction of my pay (not that I earn much) but I try to make sure that I do not spend too much on products...

Shiks said...

I don't spend much,because I put myself on a challenge,to spend no more than 400 on a single hair product,because every time I was asked about my hair regimen,people got sticker shock and kept up with their old ways. I also find cheaper products work just as well.

I spend 400 every 6 weeks on conditioner,280 on olive oil in the same period.

My skin care consists of Clean and Clear face wash at 500,Olay definity at 1000,Nivea creme at 180 and Suave lotion at 500.I buy these every 3 months.

The most important lesson I have learnt is that cost does not indicate effectiveness. I have gems at 400 and crap at a k.

Anonymous said...

I cant find shea butter anywhere. Suggestions? And what are your opinions on venus moisture infusion treatment conditioner? Am a newbie natural and get tips from this blog but cant seem to let go of this product coz i LOVE the smell. Is it ok for natural hair? Sorry4 digressing

Nyachomba said...

@Shiks... Thats a great way of looking at it..not spending more than Kshs 400 on a products. I see leave in conditioners for Kshs 700 and wonder who would buy that for that much? Each to her own I guess. Thats is a very good point...Cost does not indicate effectiveness at all and I think we all realise this the hard way. My skin is amazing right now and I use very cheap products
@Anonymous. We sell shea butter for Kshs 500, raw unrefined or you can get it whipped by us. I am not sure about the venus moisture infusion conditioner but I am guessing it has a lot of mineral oil which I avoid.

Anonymous said...

Hi, how can i contact you to buy the shea butter? I checked the contents of the package and did not see mineral oil..or maybe its one of the complicated scientific names?! Anyway please let me know process of acquiring shea butter. Thanks loads

Nyachomba said...

Hey..please send an email to then we can discuss logistics
Mineral oil is written in various ways..paraffinium liquidium being one of them

Anonymous said...

I spend peanuts on my face and hair. As a result, obviously, I'm not the one who people compliment for good skin.

In this last quarter:

* Biore facial scrub left over from last year < $10
* Lipstick, 2 Cover Girl, 1 Mac total $20
* Bath and Bodywork's Shea Butter Lip gloss 3 for the price of 2 = $15 dollars
* Aveeno body wash and lotion = $20.
My hair oils, shampoo and conditioner and overall make up somehow lasts FOREVER...
* Braids done in Harlem $80

TOTAL= $145.

Sounds like a tonne off the bat, but it's gonna last me til summer I think. Though compared to anonymous #1, I am spending a ton of money.

Bee said...

I think yours is a pretty decent amount! Who'd have thought I always wondered if in Kenya people bought more products than they actually need.

I think alot of money is wasted on experimenting. I encourage people to take samples from the shops before committing to the product, and in Kenya you can buy satchets instead to see if they work for your hair.

I have only been natural for about 7 months but even when I had permed hair I never spent alot and I still had good hair. As for the skin care products, I use sparingly and daily and they last me several months ( I have no specific one as I don't have special skin needs) So whatever was aggressively marketed to me I'll buy though it has to be some credible product like from the Clinique range.

The make up lasts for me as well at least 3 or four months and I use them daily. The lipsticks and nail polish I spend more than I should, I don't buy coz the old ones ran out but I believe in having many options. As expensive as the make up may be, I'm glad I only remember runing out of one lipstick!

Of late I have been taking inventory and using a system where I earn a trip to the beauty stores rather than buy on a whim as I normally would. The only great thing is that favorites don't run out as you have many.

I once went to H&M and was talking to the sales girl and we discussed her lipstick, and she told me it was discontinued and for that reason she called all the beauty stores in the country selling that brand and bought about a 100 of the same color!!! Amazing and insane! But the lipstick was amazing too! I would never do that though.. 5 would be pushing it.


I would really recommend spending more on your skin and keeping the hair basic (never mind the make up) . We make skin decisions when we are young that we may later regret as we grow older when the skin is not as young and able to rejuvenate as it would have when one is young.

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