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Sunday, April 17, 2011

The name of this product cracks me up, Hollywood beauty..yeah right...like you will ever see Reese Witherspoon slapping some of this product onto her blonde tresses. Oh well, I will gladly use what Reese doesn't.

I bought Hollywood Beauty Olive Cholesterol Deep Conditioning Creme for Damaged hair that promises super shine and moisture in my last mini haul at Super Cosmetics (green tub on far left). 25% extra free..yippee!!


The product is very very thick and you only need to use a little. In fact it is so thick you have to kinda thin it out using water to make for even distribution. I found applying it straight makes it difficult to spread along the length of the hair. This product smells like a lollipop, a green apple with sprinkles kinda lollipop.

How to
The directions say leave the conditioner in for 5-10mins then rinse off properly. Today's deep conditioning session was on for 1hr and 30mins mainly due to laziness.

My hair felts very strong but still retained its softness. The products makes detangling a breeze and my fingers just slid through my hair. I did not fully detangle my hair because I have been manipulating it too much.

I would definitely recommend this product for all hair types and for Kshs 345 for 567gms go ahead..live a little

Hope your having a lovely sunday...I'm stuffed from Sunday lunch..off a napping!

Curly-Natural-Me said...

I love your hair texture. Can you tell/show us what style you're wearing this week?

Nyachomba said...

Thank you...I will take pictures this evening and put them up..

Anonymous said...

By the way, am a newbie natural and follow your blog and recommendations. So you guys have suggested enliven coconut and vanilla condish. Which smells heavenly! But i discovered enliven amino pro vitamin everyday conditioner which has waaaaay more slip than the coconut one. Just thought I'd chip in in this product review. Good work sana on the blog. You cant even understand how much it helps us!

Nyachomba said...

@Anonymous..thanks a lot for the heads up..question though where can I find this conditioner....pjism attack!! Glad your liking the blog..this is why we do it

Anonymous said...

I get it from tuskys. Which is way cheaper in products than supercosmetics. Problem is they are always running out of different stuff and they dont have as much variety. Sorry for anonymous have no idea how to log into these blogs. Then i stopped using olive oil alot and substitute with the coconut oil which is much cheaper and agrees with my hair. I use olive oil on my skin now just after night shower and WHAAAAT a difference. Am glowing. Love it! Am so grateful for introduction to all these things. I only bc'd 6weeks ago but il let you know how its going. Please keep up the good work


Nyachomba said...

Hey dee..if you are a follower it should automatically log you in..if not just click on the follow button on the right..and follow the instructions.
I hate that I do not have a Tuskys anywhere near me but I will definitely make an effort to visit one lol. I cannot find Coconut oil in my beloved Uchumi either, le sigh. Olive oil makes skin glow..WHATTT!!! It is amazing for your skin. All the best..happy hair growing.

Anonymous said...

*gasp* Is that ecostyler gel on the far right? Was it part of the super cosmetics haul? I've been reading about that stuff or ages but hadn't seen it anywhere yet.

Nyachomba said...

@MissAnon....Yes it is...Its available from most SuperCosmetics locations....and its Kshs 195..run, run as fast as you can and get some!!

evbu said...

hi, i'm a newbie to the blog, stumbled into it 4 weeks ago by chance and since then, it has been a sought of obsession, i love it. i have been inspired greatly to go natural, after years of micro braids, weaves, and relaxers, i have had enough. i did try to go natural some years back, but had no idea how to take care of my hair, it was awful, and painful cause the kinks were so hard to manage. but now i got hope! my hair has recently been damaged by relaxers, and honestly im done. i am ready to embrace natural me, i am so looking forward to it. okay, a BC is too extreme for me so ihave chosen to transition for sometime in box braids, this is my first month in them, and the tips on washing braids has been helpful. i am definitely looking forward to my natural hair journey. this has been eye opening. keep up with the good job. is olive oil suitable for oily skin? i have super oily shiny skin, though it doesnt break out, just wondering if it would get messed up if i use olive oil at night. Nyash and Mary, y'all are amazing!

Kurly said...

Hello Evbu, olive oil is a miracle oil. We love it. Be sure to purchase Extra Virgin O/O... the food grade type. With regards to your oil query, we would advise that a little will go a long way. Don't overload your hair with the oil. That way it will not drip down your face. Thanks for the comment hun. x

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