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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hey guys,

I did a henna treatment last night that has left my hair so soft, it AH-mazing! I did not even need to deep condition afterwards,

What did I do?
  • 4-6 tablespoons of henna, add more if your hair is longer
  • 5 tablespoons of any conditioner, I used Suave Coconut (use a moisturising conditioner)
  • 2 tablespoons of honey
  • 1 tablespoon of grapeseed oil
I first mixed the henna with plain hot water and let that stand for about 3 hours for colour release. After this I added the rest of the ingredients then applied it to dry hair.
I slept with the mixture in my hair

This stuff is amazeballs!!

Rinsing was a breeze and my hair was softer than a bunnies tail.

Try it lovelies!!
Nuerki said...

eee cant wait till I get minee:)

Voe said...

Hey Nyash and Mary :)
I wonder, what's a better henna treatment to strengthen the hair, there was an earlier post you put up on how to make a henna mix that had lemon, tea leaves in it and other fun ingredients. I would like to know which out of the two henna treatments would be best to strengthen my hair??
I hope this henna treatment you tried yesterday night Nyash still gives your hair a nice tint. I love the colour my hair got from my first henna treatment :) its like a cool maroon/dark purple tint :)

Hope all the readers are doing well

Nyachomba said...

@Kiki...holla with the details I start getting ready luv
@Voe...Henna is strengthening no matter the ingredients you add to it..for a more intense treatment just mix henna and hot water,let it sit for a while then apply to your hair. Lemon and tea leaves just intensifies the colour and not necessarily the strengthening effects.
Either of the two treatments work to keep hair nice and strong.

LadyM said...

I had a quick question regarding henna. Which brand of henna do you use? Do you guys order it online?

Nyachomba said...

@LadyM, The henna we use is Nupur Henna. No we do not buy it online, its easily available in Kenyan cosmetic shops

lisanusu said...

How about Ayurvedic henna,will this work as well?

Nyachomba said...

Henna is one of the herbs used for Ayurvedic hair and skin this a brand you have seen?

Bee said...

Hi. I have a question about henna. I remember from my childhood, my mum used henna from a white envelope-like package. When looking for henna, I picked that brand because it was familiar. The tinge of coppery-auburn is soooo cooool. Can't tell you the name because it's in Arabic but it left particles and fragments in my hair. What would you advise: Should I switch brands; will it create a discernible difference in the different lengths of my hair? If I stick to this one, what can I do so that I don't look like I've been rolling in the hay?

Mary said...

Hi Bee! I think I know the exact packet you are talking about. Is it white with blue and red Arabic writing? Well anyway, Nyachomba and I have used a similar henna brand and YES the residue was a huge problem for us so we switched brands.

What we now use is Nupur Mehendi Henna (a green glossy packet)it's available in all supermarkets and beauty stores here in Kenya. Trust me when we say that there is little to no residue once the henna is rinsed of.

There is little difference between the brands, I believe Nupur is just sifted and finely ground. Nupur has a few added herbs to it but its all the good stuff you would hope for.


Chez said...

hey, this is a really random, though somewhat relevant, question: when you wash the henna out, does it stain bathtubs/sinks/the rest of you?
suddenly realised today i really wanna henna my hair but don't particularly wanna end up having to scrub my bath tub for hours (or end up with red streaks on my skin?!)

Nyachomba said...

Hey Chez! Henna does not stain ceramic bathtubs or skins so worry not! It can stain skin so make sure it does not go into contact with your forehead and behind your ears..just wipe any off should you get some....

Mish said...

My hair really tangles when it becomes wet. Yet ad love a puff or afro hairdo. Pliz help?

Nyachomba said...

@Mish..the trick is to wash in twists/braids to reduce tangling and as Mary said in Le puff post, she did the puff after doing a twist avoid tangles and to show length :-)..hope that helps

HairItIs said...

I just did my henna gloss this past weekend! I was so resistant to henna at first, because it seemed so messy and not worth the trouble. Plus, I wasn't interested in messing with my natural hair color.

This was my third or fourth gloss, though, and I'm officially a henna head. I think it's really helping to curb the breakage I was experiencing from mechanical damage. And, after this particular gloss, I remember noticing how plump and juicy my twists looked, after styling. A couple of days later, it occurred to me that it must be the henna helping to coat my strands, so my hair seems thicker. LOVE. IT.

baby face said...

hey dears.just did a b.c on my dredlocks...u guys were a huge inspiration.
ehm,just askin about regrowing hair at my currently plaitn cornrows at the front with no extensions and braidn the rest.any suggestions?

keshi said...

hey,i recently put henna and I'm so loving the results but there's a small probo,,my hair is kinda hard..ok way harder than how??what should i use to make it soft??
BTW lovely blog!!!

Kurly said...

@Hairitis.....Henna is an addicition but a great one and it does make hair thicker...which is a bonus for us fine haired sistas
@babyface..try getting peppermint and lavender essential oils and add them to castor oil and rub this onto your temples often
@Keshi.....Henna does make your hair harder hence that is why we recommend deep conditioning with a moisturising deep conditioner afterwards...Thanks :-)

Mukami said...

I am currently transitioning (6 months) and I would like to know if it would be okay to have my henna treatment now or should I wait until I am completely natural?

Kurly said...

Hi you could use henna at any time, not a problem!

Faith Muraya said...

where did u get grape seed oil?

Anonymous said...

i am in search of red henna please recommend a good brand of henna that has a good red colour :)

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