Braids still in and yes, I'm still alive...

Saturday, April 9, 2011

... Barely.

Hiya folks, how are you? I must apologize for my silence I have been (and still am) studying for some up and coming exams that will determine my worth as an individual and general future in this beautiful green earth (dramatic much?).

Wish me luck. Seriously. Do it.

Any-old-hoo... My current state has also taken away any semblance of "Me-Time" that I once enjoyed. That being the case, I am STILL in my braids! But they don't look half bad, considering how often I pull, scratch and tug at my hair as I study.

I took these gratuitous pictures of myself last night before my date (God it feels good to say that... 'date') came to pick me up. A gentleman caller managed to jedi-mind trick me into leaving my room for 'nourishment' in a social setting. Plus it was Friday night and I was home alone... and hungry. I grabbed the first dress I saw (which, to my horror, I later discovered had a tiny rip in it - FML), slapped on my lipstick, dabbed on some concealer, slipped into a pair of sexy heels and I was out the door... I forgot to put on mascara and earrings.

It's been a while people.

But guess what! I had an AMAZING night to say the very least. My date was the perfect gentleman and had me home before midnight :) Cinderella style.

Romance isn't dead! Who knew!

More semi-frequent posts coming up. Big up to Nyachomba for taking care of you.

later y'all, enjoy the weekend!
Anonymous said...


What braids are those again?

Mary said...

Hey hun, they are good old Darling Hot Water braids: Long. Less than a 100 bob per packet. I used four and a half. My braider is still available if you are interested!

Anonymous said...

Oh yessss....I'll holla when I'm ready. 4 and a half you say? Cool.

Anonymous said...

Mary looooooooove your blog!! it gives me hope and i run to it everytime heffers talk about perm and arab hair and my lack of it! :)sumaya

Mary said...

I soooo want to do a post on your lovely hair! Your hair is perfect don't ever relax it. Thanks for your support hun we appreciate it!

Carol.Kana said...

Hey Mary, total y love your blog!! so I need to braid my hair and have it look as neat as yours.. care to share the braider? Thanks.

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