Zip Hair Update and 1st Fro-hawk

Friday, March 18, 2011

Hey lovelies!

We first met Zip last year during the Blankets and Wine festival and hit it off then and there! Zip is a lovely young lady with marvelous zest for life. Her energy is infectious and her soul is as radiant as the sun! (Yep, that sweet....). It wasn't hard at all becoming her friend :)

This is a picture of Zip last year at B&W

And here is Zip Present day! She also got onto the henna bandwagon! *Hurray!* can you see the deep auburn highlights? Nice.

So Zip texted me excitedly to tell me about her first funky braid-out which she styled into a fro-hawk! She was awesome enough to send us pictures :)

Lookin' good mami! Grow them locs out! Keep us posted on your progress and have a blast experimenting with new hairstyles.

Happy hair growing everybody... Enjoy the weekend.
Mary said...

Hey Zip, there's a baby playing by the garden in the second last image! lol! That can't be your niece Vera, she must be a little lady right now.

Thanks again for the pics :)

Zip said...

awww Mary, you are far too generous in the <> bit!!n yeah that's Vera, trying her hand at fishing... her hair is to kill for! will keep u posted with better pics..

Kurly said...

Hahahah love that Zip!...the hair plus Vera playing in the cute her little feet just hanging there lol.

5by5 said...

Hi ladies! I absolutely love this blog. Stumbled upon it while googling stuff to do with my hair. Like the fact that it's Kenyan based so I know I can easily get most of those products. Did my BC last year in October (but I've done a lot of BCs in my life, out of sheer boredom, and my hair had grown long btw). Anyway, my hair is now too short to be long and too long to be short. And I've run out of ideas of what to do with it. Any help? And where can I get shea butter?

Mary said...

Hi 5by5! Congrats on the BC! I hope it's your last for the moment, but that's totally up to you!

Aha... I know that zone well. Best advice is to enjoy it! Throw in a hair pretty after a twist- out or flat twist! Try your hand at bantu twists and three strand twists! Experiment! Now is the time to get familiar with them. But what you can also do is join our protective style challenge and marvel at the growth at the end of each protective style...

You can find Sudanese Shea Butter at any HealthyU or Nakumat(Health products aisle).

Thanks for reading, I'm glad your stumbled upon us.

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