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Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Tuesday Good people
Are you all sticking to your exercise? Well to to be very honest, I have been slacking. However yesterday I got home did some power yoga then hopefully today i.e. Tuesday Morning I will go for a run for 30 mins then work out after work. My (Nyachomba)exercise challenge will hopefully include;
  • 30-45 min runs 3-4 times a week
  • Yoga
  • Davina Leg and Arm Workouts
  • Zumba on video
Mary is doing,
  • 2 runs a week
  • P90 x ( this is bananas!!!, not for the faint hearted)
  • Billy Blanks
Although this seems busy, rest days are mandatory and you should have at least 2 days to rest.

We are also trying to eat well, including more vegetables and fruits in our diet, as well as having more water. I am hoping Mary is staying off the sugar and chocolate and I am really trying hard to avoid chips ( I love chips, could eat them everyday)


Mary and I both had our braids done on Saturday. I have not seen Mary's yet! I got thicker braids than the ones I had last time and will hopefully keep them in for 3-4 weeks. We shall keep doing the usual, moisturising every two days, oiling the scalp and weekly washes and deep conditions. The braids being much bigger are much looser and to be honest I could sleep well after being braided on the first day which was different to the time before. We shall try post up some pictures soon.

I know a few of our followers are really psyched up about both challenges so please share in the comments how you guys are getting on. We can try find ways to motivate each other. I am about off to bed because I have a long run tomorrow morning.
Anonymous said...


Good on y'all for keeping us updated. I hope the motivation stays put!

My fitness challenge.....well.....it hasn't really started yet. Every morning I convince myself that it's gonna be a waste of time, (And I know it isn't, because I have been really fit before, and lost a ton of weight via exercise) but somehow the devil on my shoulder is uber convincing. Infact, sometimes I say my middle name should be "Procrastina!" Tomorrow has become my mantra. I shall stop.

Evenings don't work, because I get off work after dark, and usually have events to attend.

I want to start by walking, as my knee is busted but hopefully I can build up my strength as I go along and fall into a jog and finally running.

My hair, well, I'm now in my 4th week of braids, then I take em off this weekend. Nyash, your little tip about taking out one braid and playing with that...helped A LOT!! Really. That has been my salvation. Can't wait to henna though.

So at least one challenge is going great. Any way to get my hands on the P90x dvds? That would work wonders....and I can get really intense when it comes to exercise, I just need to START!!

Cheers ladies.

Maria said...

So far my fitness challenge is
* Walking M-F (4.5km as part of my commute)
* Running 3 days a week (working up to a 5K run)
* Eating well

Been doing good the last couple weeks, yay :)

PS, P90X is ridiculous, but seems to have miracle effects.

Braiding next weekend!

I'm up way too late, run in the morning. Good luck!

Mary said...

Chilli, go on and get off your hyde! get to working out! I wish I could come over and totally nick your workout bike. It's so convenient! Enjoy the growth you guys will find when you unbraid this weekend! Protective styling rules.

The minute you get off your bed and into your trainers, your 3/4 way done. that's the hardest part for me. One reader once suggested sleeping in work out gear... BRILLIANT strategy!

P90X is a devil of a work outs; but luckily I have a long standing history with gym training (intense cardio and weight training) so my body has adjusted to the harsh routine. Did you know your muscle cells retain work out memories! neat stuff huh..

Onwards and upwards Ladies

Nyachomba said...

@ChilliMango..Today I woke up at 6.30 am..this may not sound early but I am normally up at about 7.15 heheheh (yes I know I am lucky to work 5 mins from home)
I was so cosy in bed but I got up because I knew I would feel better after exercise and I did not want to disappoint you guys plus...I need to get my fitness on. So just think of the positives you will get from exercise and work from there.Try fit in a little exercise even 20 mins into your daily schedule. Thanks for sharing though..I am sure our lovely commenters will come up with some help.
As for the hair...big up..you see you have managed to keep them in. Glad you liked the tip.
@Maria, Big UP...4.5 kms of a commute thats so impressive, keep at it girl!!When you doing the 5k..that sounds good though
P90x is madness but the results speak for themselves I guess.Thanks!

Anonymous said...

hey guys:-)
mary....whats p90x?
nyash....where do you get ur zumba workout video?

Mary said...

Sup Chyiku!

P90X is a part of the Beachbody franchise; it's a 90 day fitness work out regime that burns fat and builds muscle.


There are 12 different workouts (from core, to legs, back and even yoga)... you can choose from the classic version (most men choose this option) and the lean option (what I'm currently doing)

- If you follow the 90 day program you WILL lose weight and you WILL tone up. Word.
- You do not need a wide space
- All you require is a yoga mat, free weights, and/or the resistance bands

- The workouts can be over an hour, they are not simple and you need to keep yourself constantly motivated
- You may lose too much weight if you do not follow a healthy diet (EAT! It is very demanding)
- You need to work out with your ipod or a boombox near-by, no music!

Hope this helps.

A Simple Thing said...

I know I didn't really sign up to the challenge, but I've been (belly) dancing twice a week.
But my trainers done broke. So I need to get some new ones.
But I love the encouragement and the enthusiasm you guys have here! Please remember to stay safe if exercising strenously or outside your home :D

Kurly said...

@ Asimplething, Belly dancing sounds great..wish we could get such a class here..would love to show off my lack of skill...hahaha,

Be safe ladies..!!

SugarPuss said...

Sadly, medical issues prevent me from joining the challenge so all am doing is walking in the evenings.

All the best to you guys!!!

Nyachomba said...

@Sugarpuss..whats the matter luv..hope everything is good and every little helps so walking is good as well. Get better soon

SugarPuss said...

@Nyash...thanks i hope so too. I have to share this: So i had a bad migraine attack last week which after effects just seem to be circling around my head like a pain halo(that's why i cant take on too much strain). I went to my doc yesterday and we went over the normal checks and the only thing different i have done was going natural. Then he said it's probably the chemicals i had been using since i was 7 or so,that they seep into your blood stream thru your scalp, so now i have gone a drastic way and changed my whole composition then my body's expelling those chemicals hence the migraines. I am sufficiently terrified and now obsessed with detoxing in and out!!!

Mary said...

@Sugarpuss; We are Sorry to hear that you are in so much pain and discomfort. I hope you get better as soon as possible luv.

I have read up on the lasting effects of hydroxide compounds found in relaxers but never thought I'd 'meet' someone who actually experienced its long term adverse effects. To be honest, I thought it was a myth. If there is any more information you may have, kindly email us.

Also, let us know more about your detox dear. Get well soon.

Anonymous said...

Sugarpuss pole sana.....WHAT!!! You know I remember my first relaxer treatment...I got it at your mums salon....Style and Bounce..remember how we used to sing that song....it used to burn me proper but I really used to insist that she use it coz of how gorgeous the girls in the ad looked. I hope you feel better soon....That seals it for me though...my kids+relaxer=I DON'T THINK SO!!

Sugarpuss...pona haraka...:-)

SugarPuss said...

@Mary, feeling the good vibes sent my way,thanx love! I thought they were myths but my doc seems pretty convinced. Soon as am off meds i'll start on an intense detox program of just natural fruit and vegey juices.Will keep you posted.

@Chilli...OMG,mad throw back,i used "bone strait" coz it dint play. We loved running around in the wind ati just so we could feel our hair bounce around,hehehe, how misguided were we:(...asanti nishapoa.

Anonymous said...

Mary, did you really buy the P90X packs? Do you have like an e-book or sumn you could share? :)


Mary said...

Hi T, I have all 12 workouts. I don't have any e-books or links about how I work out, my regimen is based on my experience (working out for about four years and learning my body as I go along). I'll do a work-out starter post soon, I hope it will help.

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