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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hola chicas,

So I've had these horrible henna stains since I did my sisters henna treatment way back in January this year (I was too lazy to look for my disposable gloves and I didn't think the henna would stain my nails as much as it did, it did.). So I've been covering up my nails with nail polish and it's been pretty basic and boring.

I came across this site and I was inspired to step up my nail game!... challenge accepted.

Nyash and I usually fiddle around with our nails, there are actually a couple of tutorials up on the blog, check this one out. We'll be doing more of these me thinks!

Acrylics are a good way to go if you don't have a steady hand.

So Pwetty! I can't wait to get started. I probably won't go all out, I'll keep it simple for work and go glamo during the weekends! Excitos!

Enjoy your day.
Nancie Mwai said...

i do nail art all the time though am just starting but its so much fun! I've done the half moon nails and leopard spots!! Try it so much fun!x

Mary said...

Hey Nancie; Nyash is also a leopard girl, she did hers up with gold nail polish and black spots, I loved it. I'll definitely try the images, they look super fun. More nail art coming up!

Mbabazi said...

i like experimenting with the nail art. the last time i did my ma in- law laughed n thought a kid had done them on me...ama try some of these

Poppy said...

I love nail art, I just hate my nails chipping so quickly after I paint them.

Mary said...

@Mbabazi, they don't understand our artistic side! lol! Every one is a critic, my older sister finds flashy nail art extremely tacky! But I Love it and that's all that matters, am I right!

@Poppy, yeah the chipping part is a downer especially when you think about the time and patience it took to dry each layer. But for that brief glorious period, your nails look so awesome.

Alice said...

I LOVE nail art. I'm a sucker for the bigger and more ridiculous too (check out Japanese nail art, it's amazing but I have no idea how some women FUNCTION with them!). I wish I was better at doing it though :(

Alice in Nappyland

April said...

I love this! I just started doing my own nail art. These pictures gave me some great ideas!

Anonymous said...

hey if you guys have ever heard of Konad, it pretty much allows you to get all kinds of patetrns on your nails without a lot of the fiddling
check out this example of it

i bought one the other day but i've been too lazy to sit down and do it lol, but trust me i will soon. anyway, even if buying it isnt for you, hopefully the pics will be inspiration to try something new!,manicure


Mary said...

@Alice, I Googled Japanese nail art, they had me at 3D "Hello Kitty"! I don't think that there's a single store or beautician here in Kenya that can do that for me! If I tried it'd look like godzilla more than Hello kitty! lol! Amazing stuff isn't it..

@April, be sure to send us pics of your work! My elaborate design was a complete catastrophe, but if at first you don't succeed right? I'll put them up for kicks.. :)

@Anon, Girl you are killing me right now, Konadicure hasn't caught on in Kenya yet so I can't get them back here... Le sigh!

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