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Friday, March 11, 2011

C'est Vendredi tout le monde! Today we decided to share more about ourselves..So Mary will start with the 3 things that she feels she should share with you
  1. I have always wanted to discover a new species and keep it a secret.
  2. I tell everyone I love dogs but secretly like cats
  3. I think life in mono-chrome would be the balls!
  1. I want a stuffed tiger like Calvin and Hobbes, and I could spend many a warm day chilling in the sun chatting to my tiger friend who would be alive when with me and a stuffed animal if anyone else was around.
  2. I wish we could all live in a world where you could eat as much as you want and not gain an, Key Lime pie, almonds, Curly chips.Mmmmmmm
  3. I would gladly give up my life and go live with Vivienne Westwood and work as her assistant! She gives me great joy
Happy Friday people.

Mbabazi said...

nice to know a lil more bout you guys.

Chic Therapy said...

loves both your hair!

Anonymous said...

Lol. You guys rock!!!

Anonymous said...

I like the tiger part


Voe said...

I love the sepia effect on your pictures :) it looks so retro and timeless.

Oh and the hair on both of you, just gorgeous :)

Have a lovely weekend girls :)

Nyachomba said...

@Mbabazi..Lol I hope that gave you an insight into these two strange girls lol
@Chic Therapy thank you
@Chillimango cheers
@Anonymous..I am in love with tigers, and anything calvin and hobbes
@Voe..Thanks all go to a certain neighbour of yours..Hope you had a great weekend

Mary said...

Yes ladies, thanks for all the warm comments!
feel free to email us random bits of information about yourselves and we will post them up!


Anonymous said...

mary how do you get your hair like that...awe! explain please!

Mary said...

That post is coming up TONIGHT!!! Thanks though Anon. :)

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