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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


We have received tonnes of emails with ladies asking what kinds of hairstyles they can do with hair thats in that inbetween phase where its not long enough to bun but not short enough to always go for a wash n go. I have posted some pictures with some hairstyles and how-tos below,

You guys know I absolutely love Tracee Ellis Ross. Her style is ah-mazing. This hairstyle can be achieved by detangling hair thoroughly, applying some leave in conditioner and maybe some holding gel and then doing two cornrows. After that smooth your edges with some Shea butter or alcohol free gel and your good to go. Its very simple and should last you about 3-5 days. You can also blow out our hair before doing this..always use heat protectant.

This is a simple updo that takes minutes to do and is best done with a twistout or braidout. Using bobby pins, part your hair into three sections, two small ones at the back and the third bigger one on the front. Pin the back sections at the middle of your head..then fluff your twist out at the front and your ready to go. Throw on some big earrings or just do a bright pink lip and out you go. This can work for both work or going out!

Another simple updo..that one of our readers did, check it out here. Simple cornrows on the back and sides then pinning your hair at the front either in a fringe or tucking and rolling like the lady on the picture above. This style can last a long time and all you have to do is moisturise the hair that is out and I am sure you can even co wash in this style.Hmmm thinking this could be my next protective style.

Another simple style is to have little twists or braids in your hair then tying a turban. A turban is very easy to achieve and you can either leave your hair out at the front or tuck in all the hair. Take a square scarf, fold it into half to make a big triangle. Take one edge of the triangle in each hand and tie the scarf so that you make a knot at the front of your head. Once you do this you should have some material left at the front, tuck this into the knot and hey ho! simple turban. Use coloured scarves and African print fabric.

Use accessories such as Alice bands, flowers and bows in your hair. You can use them in an afro, wash n go, twist out etc. Accessories make a big difference and will help you enjoy this in between phase.

Monica N-E said...

Hi ladies
I've literally just discovered your blog and I'm excited.
I'm a Kenyan living in Australia and I've been natural for about a year now. I am currently in the in between phase so these styles are just what I was looking for.
Thanks gals, I'll keep following

Anonymous said...

I as well have just discovered this blog and am staying up way to late scouring the website!

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