Happy Womens Day

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Womens day from Kurly Kichana..Hold your head high if you are woman!!
Anonymous said...

I like the last afro puff picture. Where is it from? A lot of high fashion models wear hair that look like that for photo shoots, interesting to see someone else was doing it before! Please link your images to their sources.


Nyachomba said...

@S Its from imcurrentlyobsessed tumblr...Its a very beautiful picture and I would love to know how to get hair like that...will do the links now ;-)

Dee O. said...

These pictures are amazing, Happy International Women's Day to you too :)


Nyachomba said...

@Dee O..(Fans herself) OMG I absolutely love your blog and I have bookmarked it....daily reading list. Thank you! One day I wish I can take pictures as beautiful as those...Happy International Women's Day

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