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Thursday, March 3, 2011


The day before yesterday, I had a mini sad rant about needing to get/find motivation to exercise. So many of you came out with brilliant suggestions to get me and us, up and moving and some of you even suggested that we should come up with an exercise/fitness challenge. I have decided to list down some of the very encouraging tips that we received from you lovely readers;

  • Use music as a motivator, change into your workout gear, grab your trainers, iPod or whatever mp3 player your using and get running. There are a lot of workout mixes you can get from iTunes or better yet, make a playlist of all the songs that get you dancing and get out there and run. I have found that I run longer when I have got my iPod with me
  • Vary the kind of exercise you do, go dancing..Zumba is great, go for a yoga class, do an exercise DVD some even have kickboxing, grab your partner wink wink nudge nudge!, Go hiking or biking..there are tonnes of ways to get your fitness on.
  • Runners high. When you run/exercise you release Endorphins which are happy hormones. The high you get after doing some exercise is so worth putting on your trainers and doing something.
  • Make working out your priority like showering or brushing your teeth. Once you get used to regular exercise you shall be upset about missing a session. Let exercise fit into your life
  • I think topmost is that we have to realise that exercise is important to keep us young, our hearts healthy, our body toned, our hair growing, our skin glowing and our bodies banging.
  • If this video does not motivate you, then your a rock

Guess who is going running today?

Happy Thursday!


Maria said...

I'm into it! I'm starting this program http://www.c25k.com/ and had my first run yesterday. 5k here I come! My music and my podcasts are definitely a key motivator. As are challenges/rewards eg my brother saying that I can't do it :). I've taken to sleeping in my workout gear (yoga pants, sports bra, t-shirt) so that when my alarm goes off at 5.30am (with Gaga playing) all I have to do is jump into my socks/shoes before I have a chance to talk myself out of it.

Nancie Mwai said...

where can i do Zumba work out here in Nairobi?? i worked the whole of Jan then i suddenly got busy! sigh!!!!!

Mbabazi said...

wow..ok im inspired by the video

SugarPuss said...

LOL...that pic of the amazon girl with the cheetah running has just made my day:) just enuff to get u going

Shiks said...

I need this. Nancie,there are Zumba classes at Parklands Sports club.

Mbabazi said...

i just did a post on fitness inspired by your earlier post http://mbabaziannet.blogspot.com/2011/03/one-where-i-get-off-my-lazy-ass.html

Faith said...

Ok am i the only one who cried after watching that??(I have been told i'm getting soft in my old age)...Truely inspiring,def going running today. Great day all..

Anonymous said...

This video has hit the spot!!

Wowzer....shared it with all my workmates and it's sparked off a "Celebration Of Life" night, where we'll hang out at someones house, probably next Friday, have drinks, and talk about the areas in our lives that we want to transform...be it body, work, skills, etc, guys and gals alike, and then motivate each other to keep at it as the months go by.

Mbabazi, goodstuff, checked out the blogpost...those goals are spot on.

Thanks Nyash.

Nyachomba said...

@Everyone sorry I have been trying to comment all day and its was virtually impossible..get that hehhehe. Just come back from my run..feel amazing!!
@Nancie..we always get caught up with work..somehow have to figure out how balance exercise and work
@Maria...Thanks for the link...All the best with the training and I am sure you will do brilliantly
@Mbabazi...Go Girl..Thanks for the big up and get that ass up and moving..glad u loved the video..it really got me going and how cute is he?
@Sugarpuss...Thats Naomi Campbell..banging body...now as I figure out how to get to the Mara and run with a cheetah
@Faith..so touching yeah..he has a blog as well..google ben does life...hes fantastic
@Shiks and Nancie..Zumba is available at a few places..my acquaintances mum is the instructor.http://search.zumba.com/classes check the link out
@ChilliMango...You are very welcome...its lovely to share...

Anonymous said...

So inspiring, the song is perfect! The pick me up I needed today!


Nancie Mwai said...

thanx for the feedback dear!x

Nancie Mwai said...

thanx for the feedback dear!x

Jc said...

lol I guess I am rock because that video would not inspire me to do exercise or lose weight.

The truth is for me that the most important thing in life is to be happy. From the video, he says that being larger made him unhappy and he had to lose the weight to become happy.

We need to pursue our own happiness. I also think that every person needs to know that the body you have right now is the best body you will ever have. Why? You have to live in the present and cherish what you have. Tomorrow you could get fitter, a year a go you may have been slimmer but in order to be happy you have to see that today is what you have.

Exercise works best when you do what you enjoy. I am not a runner, I like swimming and dance. The best motivation in my book is to do what makes you happy.

Finally I do have to tell you off for calling yourself thunder thighs. You are a normal slim woman, there is no need to be so self critical. Sure, work on getting yourself to where you want be be but also appreciate your body for what it is right now!

Mbabazi said...

nice way of looking at it...i guess for the guy in the vidoe he really felt unhappy fat and he carried alot of that negativity to other parts of his life and tht just makes you unhappy overall so losing weight could be a way to be happier about everything around him and be more positive.
@Everyone ,i just came from my run and i feel so good.hopefully i can do it again tomorow

Gigee Nyaga said...

side note: the girl running is actually Naomi Campbell in one of her 1st shoots ever.
Nyash..how about you move here so that we're work out budz...

Nyachomba said...

@JC..I truly feel I needed that, sometimes I feel that I am too hard on myself and I think even my cyber friends and commenters notice in the excerpts I put below any of my pictures. Pursuing our own happiness is truly important be it losing weight, mending relationships, finding your spirituality etc, its also sad that we do not appreciate our own bodies in the now..(hands raised) because I am one of them. Exercise truly makes me happy and so does lazing on my bed watching a show and painting my nails..the best bit about it is these two activites can both be done.
@Mbabaza...yay for the run...still working on the fitness challenge post
@Gigee..wish I could babe...I make a great workout buddy..lemme try it in the virtual world via a fitness challenge yeah?

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