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Thursday, March 24, 2011

My goodness,

You just have to read this right here: kisforkinky did this article a while back, and I stumbled upon it again recently ... it still blows my mind.

*Cue jaw drop*

If you read the article on Miss Lala (courtesy of kisforkinky), you must be feeling some kind of inspiration right about now. She has 4B textured hair and oh-my-goodness won't you just LOOK at it!

O ye doubtful, I tell you now, African hair CAN grow down to our waistlines! It takes its time, there are some tricky moments and a couple of hurdles every now and then; but in the end, IF properly taken care of, you'll have yourself a mane that will shock the masses.

That's all I had to share actually. But before I go, enjoy the following images of these beautiful long haired goddesses as seen below...

I know I've put up this image before... But I don't very much care. I love her hair! (and I'll take the tattoo as well)

Le Gasp!

Protective Stylin' like a BOSS

Girl let that hair grow. I know there are a number of us who don't actually want the hassle of managing shoulder length curly hair let alone waist-length afro hair; as with all things, its a personal choice. I for one welcome the stress and potential debt that extremely long natural hair will inevitably bring.

Thanks for reading yaol!,,,
Kurly said...

That is some hair on that girl!!!Whatt!!!!I am so looking forward to such hair in a few years.....together with the potential debt!!

Coily Queen said...

Love, love love! Thanks for sharing these natural hair inspirations :-)

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