Elizabeth Taylor

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thank you for your amazing talent and for teaching me about sass and class when I was but a young girl x

We shall miss you so.

Those eyes.

Cleopatra - One of my favorite movies of all time...

My mum made me love her. We used to watch classic movies every Sunday, and my mum would say, "I almost named you Elizabeth because of her," I would smile silently and secretly wish that she did.

She was so lovely.

Elizabeth Taylor
1932 - 2011

Nyachomba said...

This lady was the epitome of the Elegance and perfect boobies and waist in her youth..look at the cut of some of the dresses she wore in her films....that waist was like 20 inches....Even in her 70s she always showed up to events with a full face of make up and beautiful dresses...in a wheelchair!!!

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