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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hey everybody!

Guess what we have in store for you today! A BC update! *cue confetti and jubilations*

I adore seeing the progress people make with their hair journey, it keeps me motivated as I continue to embark upon my own. So, I thought I'd keep you guys up to date with the lovely and neurotic Zain; to read more about her big chop click here.

From the get-go, Zain was a protective styling enthusiast. However, she really, and I mean really hates braids and weaves, but does just about everything else with regards to cornrows, twists and three-strand twists.

She works in a creative area; her colleagues usually play around with her hair on the lawn on a lazy afternoon... as seen to your immediate left and bottom.

Strike a pose. Vogue

Rocking Twists... the early days

Le Puff! BAM!

Here is another sunny day picture of Zain getting her hair all done up at work (awesome office, right?).

Zain is also a henna fan! I literally forced her to start using it, but I think she's a true believer now...

And this, Ladies and Gentlemen is Zain's hair 71/2 months after her Big Chop!

Happy hair growing everyone!

Nyachomba said...

Zain!! Your hair looks lovely...it has really grown and looks so healthy

Just_Zain said...

Thank you :) I just might be getting the hang of this. You guys are doing a fabulous job with the blog. its a great guide for some of us who were fumbling in the dark with all this hair stuff and hullabaloo of products in the market. 7 months ago, if you told me i'd be spending a Sunday deep conditioning and twisting and taking care of my hair, i'd tell you you were on that Charlie Sheen ish. But now i love it! Le sigh

Mary, henna is genius. I might cave and do the braids eventually. Don't give up on me. hehe. And I know it doesn't look like we work much, but we do. *scurries off to swing*

Have a great week ladies! x

Anonymous said...


It's like your hair is sprouting out of your head PER SECOND!!!!!

Jeez, looks really nice.

So, ummm, quick question. Where do you work??

Mbabazi said...

your hair is growing too fast

Mbabazi said...

your hair is sprouting like a problem...i love it

Mary said...

Zain your hair is BANGIN'
And I can see the red highlights in the last pic.

Your hair is outta control growing like that! Imagine what it will look like at the end of the year! It'll be swinging along with you in that awesome playground of an office of yours!

Anonymous said...

why am i scared of the BC if natural hair grows this fast? or is it relative?

My hair has never grown past my shoulders (perm or no perm) so i don't know if this growth can be applicable to someone with hard dry hair such as mine.

Comments please Nyachomba and Mary.

Love the blog

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous, the maximum length your hair can grow to is determined by genetics. Your texture shouldn't matter. How you handle it also matters alot. If you are not gentle in styling and handling, the breakage may exceed the growth rate. That could be the reason it has not grown as long. If indeed, your hair is dry, then that also contributes to breakage. Kinky or curly hair is naturally prone to dryness, so whether it's permed or not, always make sure it's moisturised.

If you want to BC, go for it or alternatively do a long transition. For it to look good at any length, you just have to a little creative with styling. With so much info available, do your research and then make your decision. Hope that helps.


Nyachomba said...

@Anonymous1, Thanks for your question, People think that some races grow hair faster etc...but all hair grows at an average of 1/4 -1/2 inch a month..sometimes more when its hot. If your hair is dry it can cause more breakage and hence you are not able to see the growth because it may be breaking at the same rate its growing..Good hair practices will definitely help with your growth
@S Thanks for answering Anonymous1. Its sad that we have always thought that our hair could not grow..Happy Hair growing

Mary said...

Hey anon1... the fact that your hair is dry is your first issue. As Nyash and "S" mentioned, the manner in which you manage your hair texture will determine the length you are able to retain and the overall condition of your hair.

Get more knowledge about afro-hair, change your practices, find out what regimen works for you and witness the transformation. It worked for me!

Best of luck, and keep us posted :)

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