Thursday, March 31, 2011

In this post, there was a subsequent debate on differing shades of Africans and African Americans and how some lighter skinned women get more attention than dark skinned women.This is an issue that I told one of our lovely commenters JC I would cover soon. I will just put a disclaimer out there that I believe beauty comes in all shades from Ebony to Caramel.

There is an ingrained belief in Kenya, the African Continent and beyond that light skinned equates to beautiful and the darker you are the less attractive. How many dark skinned women have you seen using bleaching creams? How often have you heard people saying they would marry a white person to get beautiful children? How many adverts do you see with normal looking dark skinned Africans?These are all indicators that Africans have slowly been made to believe that the colour of their skin is not good enough..looking up to western ideals of beauty i.e. light coloured skin and straight hair. In Kenya, just the other day I was looking at an advert on Waiyaki way that was advertising Valon a petroleum jelly that is quintessentially Kenyan. The girl in the picture had perfectly smooth light skinned..possibly biracial. This was very funny to me because for a country where the majority of the country is dark skinned we should be putting model who are representative of the population on billboards. Kenyans are proud of their heritage that I am sure of, however we have always seen light skinned girls to be school, in clubs, at uni. If a dark skinned girl was pretty she was called a black beauty. This is hilarious because it shows that black is not necessarily equated to beauty. We are proud of other African features such as big bottoms (for lack of a better word) and big breasts but not the colour of our skin. How funny?

I understand that African Americans were made to hate their skin and hair by their slave masters. Again I am not an expert on the Slave Trade and slaves in the USA, but I do know the slaves were made to feel inferior to their Caucasian Slave Owners and to the Biracial children that some of the slave owners had with their slaves. These "mulatto" children were given better jobs than working in the fields and in some cases got special privileges. However I do not understand Africans and their looking down of their black skin. A perfect example, if you went to Secondary school in Nairobi you can relate to this, the biracial or "pointi" guys and girls were always put on a pedestal and people always said how hot they were even if they were not. Girls used to fawn over themselves for pointi boys...(No I was not one of them).

My personal belief is that Africans come in all colours and we should again appreciate the shades that fill this continent. We have all shaded of brown and even white, Africa is the only continent with such diverse people.

What are your thoughts on this issue in Africa and Beyond?

Its the WEEKEND (Bart Simpson voice)

Still in Braids y'all!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Protective Styling a Go!! Mary and I are still on our challenge. I am really enjoying my braids although with them being bigger they are getting fuzzy real quick..although I did wash them pretty soon. I decided to show you guys what they are looking like at 3 weeks in. I am wearing a lipstick that I would love to recommend to you guys...its Sleek Creme Lipstick in Cherry Brandy. You can find it at Uchumi Sarit and also in most major cosmetics shops.

Cam whoring for you folks
I have been moisturising as usual and co washing every weekend, although this past weekend I had to shampoo.
How is your protective styling going? I am thinking of removing this braids this weekend.
Hump Day Hurray!!

In Between Phase


We have received tonnes of emails with ladies asking what kinds of hairstyles they can do with hair thats in that inbetween phase where its not long enough to bun but not short enough to always go for a wash n go. I have posted some pictures with some hairstyles and how-tos below,

You guys know I absolutely love Tracee Ellis Ross. Her style is ah-mazing. This hairstyle can be achieved by detangling hair thoroughly, applying some leave in conditioner and maybe some holding gel and then doing two cornrows. After that smooth your edges with some Shea butter or alcohol free gel and your good to go. Its very simple and should last you about 3-5 days. You can also blow out our hair before doing this..always use heat protectant.

This is a simple updo that takes minutes to do and is best done with a twistout or braidout. Using bobby pins, part your hair into three sections, two small ones at the back and the third bigger one on the front. Pin the back sections at the middle of your head..then fluff your twist out at the front and your ready to go. Throw on some big earrings or just do a bright pink lip and out you go. This can work for both work or going out!

Another simple updo..that one of our readers did, check it out here. Simple cornrows on the back and sides then pinning your hair at the front either in a fringe or tucking and rolling like the lady on the picture above. This style can last a long time and all you have to do is moisturise the hair that is out and I am sure you can even co wash in this style.Hmmm thinking this could be my next protective style.

Another simple style is to have little twists or braids in your hair then tying a turban. A turban is very easy to achieve and you can either leave your hair out at the front or tuck in all the hair. Take a square scarf, fold it into half to make a big triangle. Take one edge of the triangle in each hand and tie the scarf so that you make a knot at the front of your head. Once you do this you should have some material left at the front, tuck this into the knot and hey ho! simple turban. Use coloured scarves and African print fabric.

Use accessories such as Alice bands, flowers and bows in your hair. You can use them in an afro, wash n go, twist out etc. Accessories make a big difference and will help you enjoy this in between phase.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Hello Ladies,

So many of you may know that Mary and I are huge admirers of the male form hehehee, Idris Elba obsession anyone? This morning I had the pleasure of watching the new N.E.R.D video Hypnotize U, Gasp!! Words cannot describe how perfect Pharrell Williams is...this man is 38 years old but exudes a boyish charm that not many can pull off..just look at his label billionaire boys club . How many men do you know could pull of a ice cream printed t shirt!!Okay now I am rambling....This man is perfect in my eyes!! Now lemme go watch this video for the 50th time....(gasp!)

Le sigh! Happy Friday peeps!

Elizabeth Taylor

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thank you for your amazing talent and for teaching me about sass and class when I was but a young girl x

We shall miss you so.

Those eyes.

Cleopatra - One of my favorite movies of all time...

My mum made me love her. We used to watch classic movies every Sunday, and my mum would say, "I almost named you Elizabeth because of her," I would smile silently and secretly wish that she did.

She was so lovely.

Elizabeth Taylor
1932 - 2011

Give me LENGTH!

My goodness,

You just have to read this right here: kisforkinky did this article a while back, and I stumbled upon it again recently ... it still blows my mind.

*Cue jaw drop*

If you read the article on Miss Lala (courtesy of kisforkinky), you must be feeling some kind of inspiration right about now. She has 4B textured hair and oh-my-goodness won't you just LOOK at it!

O ye doubtful, I tell you now, African hair CAN grow down to our waistlines! It takes its time, there are some tricky moments and a couple of hurdles every now and then; but in the end, IF properly taken care of, you'll have yourself a mane that will shock the masses.

That's all I had to share actually. But before I go, enjoy the following images of these beautiful long haired goddesses as seen below...

I know I've put up this image before... But I don't very much care. I love her hair! (and I'll take the tattoo as well)

Le Gasp!

Protective Stylin' like a BOSS

Girl let that hair grow. I know there are a number of us who don't actually want the hassle of managing shoulder length curly hair let alone waist-length afro hair; as with all things, its a personal choice. I for one welcome the stress and potential debt that extremely long natural hair will inevitably bring.

Thanks for reading yaol!,,,


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hi guys

Just wanted to feature a magazine that recently requested Mary and I to do a short article. The magazine is called AfroElle and has very well written articles on various areas; Relationships, Beauty, Finances, Lifestyle etc.
It also showcases women from all parts of Africa. The model on the cover is also a Kenyan!

Please read and support!


Natural Baby Belle

Monday, March 21, 2011

Hello all,

You know when you walk around the mall on a weekend when all the families are up and about eating out and you see that one (or more nowadays) little girl with amazingly long and healthy curly hair... that right there just brings a smile to my face.

Natural hair care for a child takes time, patience and practice; the key thing to remember is that a little goes a long way. By this I mean all around 'less'! Less product, less manipulation and less stress!

0-2 years

Toddlers usually have sporadic hair growth patterns, parents need not bother or worry too much or fuss about hair growth at this point.

A clean scalp is essential for a baby's general development. Detangle the hair gently before a wash with your fingers. This will take a very gentle patient hand. Proceed to wash the babies hair using mild baby shampoo, as always DILUTE the shampoo. Be careful when cleansing the baby's central scalp portion. Baby hair still needs its natural oils for healthy hair, so be sure to keep wash days down to twice a week.

A simple bow may be all that you need to accessorize

Moisturizing is best accomplished using natural ingredients. Make a simple spritz made from pure water and extra virgin oil (jojoba, olive oil or coconut oil). I would skip the essential oil as these oils can be extremely powerful and the baby's sensitive scalp may not react well to them. I would also leave out the glycerin, but that is my personal preference; I like to keep it extra simple.

I am sure you have all heard the old wives tale that shaving off your babies hair will encourage growth. There is no evidence to support this, it will help with general maintenance and cleansing but will not aid growth in any way... I say let the hair be.

3 and up
Moisture is key! (I say that all the time don't I? I need to pick up a new phrase...) But seriously, regular moisturizing is essential for your child's natural hair development. Purchase a moisture rich conditioner and go to town!

Use conditioner when detangling; this is especially important as kids get a bit testy when it comes to the getting them to sit down for it. Take your time; this ordeal will be over soon and the both of you can move on with your lives. If done well, there should be NO 'ouches'. Use a lot of conditioner and work your way from the tips to the roots section by section.

"If there's one thing I regret about going natural, it's that I didn't do it sooner" Anon

I adore this picture. It's perfect

There are loads of products out there for moisturizing; I love the Kids Organics Shea Butter lotion. I use it on my hair and my nieces as well. (Please note that the new label is slightly different). This product has amazing slip and also reduces tangles. It is available in major super stores and Super Cosmetics, Our Price... to name a few.

When shopping for a product, remember the basics; avoid mineral oil based products, sodium lauryl/laureth sulphate (found in shampoos), Parabens (conditioners and shampoos), and all the other badies... (post coming up for those of you who need more information on the ingredients to look out for.)

Natural hair at any age grows and flourishes when in protective styles. The most popular style that most parents opt to adorn on their natural haired beauties are two strand twists, (complete with the cute bands at the tips and base.)

Three strand twists (rastas) natural cornrows (no added extensions) and loose buns are great protective styles to adopt. Never employ styles that pull or tug on the hair line (or hair in general); this could stunt the hair development causing traction alopecia.

Simple and age appropriate

I wouldn't advise having braids put in until the child is 8 and older; (again this is just my personal preference) if done, try to make them as large, chunky and lightweight as possible.

She is adorable!!!

Natural Beauty

Call me immature, but I have mad fro-envy

There will be more detailed posts on Natural Hair care for Children coming up! I think a solid foundation is the root (pun intended) for a future filled with healthy and beautiful natural hair.

Thank you all for reading.

Disclaimer: I would like to note that I claim no ownership over any of the images above. I attribute Google as my main source; I would like to state that I will immediately take down any image should the rightful owner have me take them down. Although I am not a parent, I would totally understand if they would prefer to not have their child's image up in the net.

Zip Hair Update and 1st Fro-hawk

Friday, March 18, 2011

Hey lovelies!

We first met Zip last year during the Blankets and Wine festival and hit it off then and there! Zip is a lovely young lady with marvelous zest for life. Her energy is infectious and her soul is as radiant as the sun! (Yep, that sweet....). It wasn't hard at all becoming her friend :)

This is a picture of Zip last year at B&W

And here is Zip Present day! She also got onto the henna bandwagon! *Hurray!* can you see the deep auburn highlights? Nice.

So Zip texted me excitedly to tell me about her first funky braid-out which she styled into a fro-hawk! She was awesome enough to send us pictures :)

Lookin' good mami! Grow them locs out! Keep us posted on your progress and have a blast experimenting with new hairstyles.

Happy hair growing everybody... Enjoy the weekend.

Now that's some amazing nail art

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hola chicas,

So I've had these horrible henna stains since I did my sisters henna treatment way back in January this year (I was too lazy to look for my disposable gloves and I didn't think the henna would stain my nails as much as it did, it did.). So I've been covering up my nails with nail polish and it's been pretty basic and boring.

I came across this site and I was inspired to step up my nail game!... challenge accepted.

Nyash and I usually fiddle around with our nails, there are actually a couple of tutorials up on the blog, check this one out. We'll be doing more of these me thinks!

Acrylics are a good way to go if you don't have a steady hand.

So Pwetty! I can't wait to get started. I probably won't go all out, I'll keep it simple for work and go glamo during the weekends! Excitos!

Enjoy your day.

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