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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

This weekend I went away with some very "special" people , our goal being to get away from Nairobi and have a crazy but civilised time.We headed off to Thika to a stunning lodge just 45 mins from the city, about 50kms away.This place is breathtaking, the views of the other side of the valley are gorgeous and only partially spoiled by a huge flower farm.

The Fourteen Falls Lodge is set on 30 acres of land just off the Thika-Garissa highway. Thika is a big industrial town that hosts quite a few factories and of course is the home of pineapple growers Delmonte. There is a huge Tuskys supermarket and loads of general stores and shops should you wish to do any shopping. Alcohol wise, enjoying a drink in Thika is much cheaper than in Nairobi and will cost you about Kshs 50-70 less than in the capital.

The lodge offers accommodation in traditional African huts that come fully fitted with modern amenities. There is also an option to camp at the site. The campsite feels like something out of an animal documentary in the wild, the trees, grass and shrubs are all unspoiled. There is a cooking site and showers for campers.
Its all very authentic and one can could hardly believe its only 45 mins away from Nairobi city.

The restaurant area


Should you wish to have a spot of fishing, there is a beautiful fish pond with and river at the bottom of the valley. If you are partial to fishing, please carry the proper equipment and bait (speaking from personal experience), and fishing is very addictive! The famous Chania River cuts through the bottom of the lodge where you could also swim.The river also has a mythical baby hippopotamus that only makes its way up the banks at night, that shouldn't scare any swimmers though ;-)

Sun setting on the River Chania

Me attempting to catch some cheeky fish ( on my first visit to the lodge, explains why the hair is different)

Staff at the lodge are very friendly and are ready to cater to any needs that you may have. The food is also very good. I highly recommend the breakfast, if you have any meal here please have the breakie. I went with 3 other people and for breakfast we all had fruit, tea/coffee, toast and eggs,pancakes and sausages. Another recommendation is the pancakes...they are possibly the best pancakes I have ever had. Not as thick as American pancakes and not as light as crepes...just really yummy especially with jam. The meals are served in bandas ( thatched huts) that are spread out across the lodge, there are about 9 of them.


Should you wish to leave the lodge, the Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park is only 10mins away and is home to the actual Fourteen falls and Mt Kilimambogo. For any active hikers or mountaineers you can climb the mountain in a few hours. You have to pay to enter the National park , they have both citizens and non-citizens rates.

Fourteen falls with Mt Kilimambogo in the background.

The accomodation costs at the lodge are: Single Bed and Breakfast Kshs 2000, $25, 15 Pounds
Double Bed and Breakfast Kshs 2500, $31, 19 Pounds
Triple Bed and Breakfast Kshs 4200, $52, 32 Pounds

I must clarify that paying Kshs 2500 for the double ensures that both people sharing the double have breakfast, essentially you are each paying Kshs 1250. As you can see the prices are very fair.

The weekend has hardly civilised and consisted of dipping feet in the river, lazy walks while trying to avoid jurassic ants, eating juicy pork, stuffing ourselves with cold chips and yummy breakfast, struggling to light a fire, drinking warm beer for about 12 hrs straight. Basically a great weekend

Make it to Thika sometime....
Chilli Mango said...

Jealousy is me. Looks like it was a blast.

nyardaddy said...

Looking at the pics I already feel so relaxed and I need to be there. I just came to realize any holiday is affordable as long as you plan for it well and I have to go there....really cool!

Nyachomba Kariuki said...

@Chillimango...It was a blast...you should defo make it out sometime
@Nyardaddy, It was so affordable coz we also carried our own food, we probably spent about Kshs 2500 each for beer, food and accomodation...Come back to Nairobi and we shall make it up

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