Playing in her Natural Hair

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Playing in her Natural hair

By Jirbaud

Never chemically treated
Loving the curls you rock, but forever keep secret
Although we don’t all admit it
We secretly lust just to feel
Personally styled by you, for us
Your love for it is obvious
Fingers twirl as you play in it, plus
You wash it and keep it clean with special soaps
Jheri curl results
Dripping never to dry for hours, lovely Shower
Me in it? Wrapped and loced in your love; that’s power
Yearning to have my fingers deeply woven and buried
No perm, just natural juices and cherries
Even the smell is unique, naturally yours
Works of art growing from pores
Run my fingers through your hair? I can’t wait
Long short curly straight
Tired of it? Cut It, problem solved
You know I love it when you rock it bald
Smitten for the natural hair,
Dare I kiss you there?
I wish to rise to be the heir
Honored to be the only soul; playing in your natural hair

If you are a fan of poetry and female...please i urge you..follow Jirbaud, his poems evoke quite the emotion! What say you?

Anonymous said...

why this photo? why these words? uh! i know my green is showing *pout*

Nyachomba Kariuki said...

Oh kinky_lockz...that picture does do things to a girl doesn't it...My green is splashed on my forehead...oh well!!Check out the poet though he is pretty good

Nuerki said...

oh my gosh!!
inspiration at its fullest!!
this is wasup!!

Alice said...

That might actually be the cutest natural couple photo in the history of adorable natural couple photos!

Alice in Nappyland

Nyachomba Kariuki said...

@Nuerki....Very inspirational
@Alice..I was looking at the photo and just realised it almost looks like their hair is growing together insync....or I'm I just a psycho...Its adorable!!

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