Pandu from Namibia

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Today I just wanted to share with you a very creative hairstyle that one of our loyal followers Panduleni came up with. Pandu emailed me a long time ago asking about how to transition to natural hair. We chatted back and forth about transitioning and she finally BC'd. Her hair is so beautiful and dark (just look at the pictures)
Below is an excerpt from one of the emails she sent me,

After i cut off all my relaxed ends, i didn't know what to do. So I ran to a salon near my neighborhood to get it braided in cornrows. She actually braided my whole head, but after a few days, I decided to undo the back then the front -- i wanted to try something cool and different and on top of that I don't like looking like other people lol, seen a lotta ppl with that hairstyle. So I undid the back n front. pinned up the back. and there you go ... my easy to go hairstyle after my not so big chop hehehe.

I love Pandu's hairstyle, what do you guys think?
SugarPuss said...


congrats on ur v.successful BC

Anonymous said...

I like the color, it's dark indeed! I've seen a similar hairstyle before. I like it but would probably leave the only the front out as a hump. Cool!


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