I Miss My Hair :(

Monday, February 7, 2011


This morning when I woke up, I had this overwhelming urge to undo my braids. I really miss my coils... Nyash and I literally have to remind each other that we are in this for the long haul. I guess that's why they call it a "Challenge", sigh... Might I add that I miss feeling special and different, is that vain?

In any case, I needed a pick me up; for all of you who are on the challenge along with those of you who are simply in need of some inspiration; here are some pictures of beautiful natural hair to keep you going. Stay focused champs!

I'm dying to get some colour on my hair... but im so scared!

Lovely hair... One day...

The ever lovely Miss Hill

Fro-hawk anyone?


Curly hair and pearls, little black dress = classy

Uniquely you

I totally digg this look, notice her ID tag has an image of her funky hair cut as well :)

So Pwetty!

I guess the thing about the challenge is remembering the long term goal... I love feeling on my new hair growth and imagining what it will look like another week, month, three months and year from now. Grow baby grow!

Is there ever a time I'll be like, "Darn this long hair, it's too long!" I honestly don't think I'll ever want to stop growing my hair! I know it will get a lot more demanding the longer it grows, but I don't mind it. For the moment at least.

On with the challenge!

How goes your protective challenge (if you are on one)?

Enjoy your day.


Pics are courtesy of le coil, Fuckyeahnaturalhair and naturalafrohair.tumblr
kinky_lockz said...

saw the article on Alice in Nappyland.. big ups to you ladies!!! i'm going to start introducing myself as "the chick who stalks Mary and Nyachomba" lol

so i'm doing this protective challenge in combination with MTM's healthy haircare challenge(hope she is alright and returns soon. i'm wearing mini braids or matutas lol during the week and rocking braid-outs fri-sun. only a few weeks in and my hair looks fuller and feels softer.. i hope this equates to health overall cos my ends were looking busted :( many thanks for getting me back to using glycerine. yani, this sh*t has saved me this winter. no word of a lie!


Nyachomba Kariuki said...

@kinky_lockz....Hehehe Thanks!! The protective challenge is still on, got bored with my braids and decided to curl the ends...makes it feel like a different hairstyle (gotta do anything for excitement) otherwise I will just take out the braids lol. I want my hair back lol...but this is for a greater good lol.. I am sure these challenges will get our hair looking fabo in just a few weeks...

Keeping the braids IN!!

Alice said...

That's the worst part of wearing protective styles. I can never keep them in for more than a week! Thankfully, it's freezing where I am right now so I don't WANT to wear my hair out.

Alice in Nappyland

Chilli Mango said...

As I shamefully say this...... I took out my braids. Yes..*hangs head in shame*.

But in my defence, my hairline was SUFFERING!!!!!! And I was really getting paranoid about it. So I decided I would take this week off to show my scalp some (whisper this) loooove, then probably braid kinky twists again coz they seem to be the only braids that don't massacre my hair line.

It does feel good to have my hair back though.

Nyachomba Kariuki said...

@Alice I am really struggling and I am 3 weeks in, I want the braids out...I do think that I will not last week 4!Its really hard
@Chillimango, SMH hahahahah no worries you have to do what is best for your hair so do not worry..Enjoy your hair

kobi said...

Im totally loving the pics, gives me hope mine will get there someday. Thanks to you guys im now a natural beauty, enjoying every minute of it.

Anonymous said...

Miss Hill's hair amazing. Baby steps but im hoping to get there.

Mary said...

Hey ladies, guess what I'm done with my four weeks of braids! I need to stock up on supplies and whip up a couple of shea butter hair puddings in preparation for the unraveling.

So next up; super deep moisturizing condition, a henna treatment, and on the the next protective style... It's bananas.

Anonymous said...

Miss Mary..I still have your Olive Oil Replenishing Goodness Bottle of Goodstuff.

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