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Monday, February 14, 2011

Hello people

How was the weekend? good? Oh maybe I should add, Happy Valentines day to all the lovers out there. I just wanted to do a post to update you guys on how the hair challenge is going. I have had my braids in for 4 weeks not...this is my 4th week. They are still looking neat which is surprising because I have not been tying the up with a scarf at night.

I have been washing them once a week, mainly cowashing with Suave Waterfall mist conditioner which also leaves a lovely scent to the braids. If you co-wash braids, you have to make sure that all the conditioner is rinsed off this will keep the braids shinier and reduce buildup. After the co-wash, I deep condition with Lorys chocolate deep conditioner mixed with olive oil. I then wait for the braids to dry slightly and spritz with the Glycerin moisturising spritz and massage my scalp with a mixture of olive oil and castor oil with a little rosemary essential oil. I also use a Garnier shine serum, this makes the braids look soooo shiny.

Daily or every two days, I spritz with my glycerin moisturising spritz then massage my scalp with a small amount of coconut oil/ olive + castor oil.

My hair at the front is kinda fuzzy but I think this makes the braids look better and more authentic. The hair on the braids surprisingly hasn't fuzzed up too much and still looks okay. I think I will take off the braids on Friday and clarifying shampoo, henna treatment and intense deep condition.

Have a lovely week
Zip said...

Hey lv'lies.... FINALLY joined the challenge wagon!! ps.... how did i nearly slap lady who was braiding my hair...the pulling of my hair was plain simple locks were in shock!!! anyway..we took time out..rules were laid out and it was smooth sailing thereafter(how it helps to just speak out!lol).. Now to the request line....PLEAASE load pics of various ways to style braids....thx....ya'll ever so kind;-)

Zip said... Braids are alot like Lovely Miss Solange's;-)

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