Curls are back!

Monday, February 21, 2011

The curls are back....Yay! Only for a short while though because the challenge continues, Aluta Continua! I will bun for this whole week then braid/ twist during the weekend

After taking out my braids on Friday (took about 2 hours), I sprayed my hair with water, conditioner and olive oil mix for my hair to suck it all in and make it easier to detangle. I let this on for 45 mins then shampooed and applied my henna. Henna was mixed with tea.

I woke up Saturday morning,rinsed out the henna and deep conditioned. For styling I twisted 6 sections of my hair and wore my hair in a puff for the weekend.

Forgive my no make up face and its official..I always have to do strange things with my hands when taking pictures. I also apologise for the bad quality picture, I do not have my camera

Happy Monday peeps.
Mary said...

guys... I have her camera... sowi! :(

I'll drop it off tomorrow after work, k! :)

kinky_lockz said...

i think if i saw you in the streets i would secretly grab at it ... your hair that is lol. i'm not very perceptive but i think you'r showing length :)

Anonymous said...

AAAh, seeing your hair makes me want to take these gosh darn braids off RIGHT NOW.

Nyachomba Kariuki said...

@kinky_lockz...Not to make anorexia seem irrelevant but I think I have hairexia...I never see if its growing and its shrinks so much so I can only notice length when I straighten...Planning to after the challenge

@furahaproject, Hehehe how far into the challenge are you? Hang in there lol!!

Mary said...

This mamasita never notices how long and lush her hair is!

@kinky_Lockz, I always touch it when she's not watching, (I enjoy such lovely perks! lol!)

@furahaproject.. you'll be amazed how much your hair will have grown in such a short amount of time. I'm in love with protective styling right now

Nyachomba Kariuki said...

@Mary..Thanks teehee..hairexia I tell you!!

kinky_lockz said...

dear, it happens to the best of us. the magic of shrinkage (allow Mary to pull on it a bit to illustrate lol) aka 'bounce-back-ability' in natural hair is a good thing in my opinion or at least i've learnt to embrace it. i think i have fine strands so my coils/kinks gotta stick together or i look scalpy.

i am almost certain my hair will never "fall" just grows up/out so i too can only tell length when i stretch out my strands. heat is evil so remember to protect yourself :)

Nyachomba said...

@Kinky_lockz...Damn straight you have to have some protection when dealing with this demon called heat...eish...Imma be medusa with this heat come April. hate relationship dont you think? I have fine strands as my hair sticks together and scalpy is the only way to go...
Your hair will defo fall...Trust me!! with length comes gravity!!

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