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Monday, February 28, 2011

Hello lovely people,

Having a good start of the week? Hope so. Just wanted to check in on the protective styling challenge and let you guys know where I am. Last week I was bunning my hair and moisturising twice a day.I have been very very bad and did not deep condition this weekend,instead I co-washed and then put my hair in twists. I flat twisted the back and sides and did normal twists at the top of my head.

This will be my protective style for the week and I will then wear a twist out at the weekend. I have been moisturising with my spritz twice a day and sealing with raw Shea butter. Due to so many activities this coming weekend and the next I am not sure if I will be able to braid my hair.However the protective styling will continue maybe will smaller twists or cornrows.

This was first thing in the morning before dashing off to work..excuse the confused eyes and face

Happy Tuesday people.

Sly says said...

Hi Nyash. Just wondering, where do you get your raw shea butter? I'm almost out of my stash and I want to know where I can get some. Love your hair btw, wish I knew how to do flat twists, sigh.

Sly says said...

Hi Nyash, love the hair. I just wanted to know where you get your shea butter coz I'm almost out of my stash. Wish I knew how to do flat twists, sigh.

Nyachomba said...

Hi Sly....Well flat twists are very easy to do,
Watch those videos on how to do them...its much easier on wet detangled hair with leave in conditioner.
As for the shea...I get batches from Ghana and I can sell some to you already whipped. Kshs 500 for 500gms

Anonymous said...

Go easy on yourself, i don't see "confused eyes and face". You look fab.

Nyachomba said...

@Anonymous..Thank you,I am always being told I am too hard on myself and do not take compliments well..Thank you :-)

kinky_lockz said...

i need a lesson on parting. love this style. very elegant and professional, madame!!

Anonymous said...

Hi just seen this blog. Do you still have the Shea butter?

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