Bye Bye Braids

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Finally saying good bye to these braids! Yay!! I have missed my hair. I plan to undo the braids and as I undo them I shall spritz the hair with a mix of conditioner, water and olive oil. There shall be more conditioner in this mix. The reason for spritzing the hair as I undo, is that the hair at the root is tangled into itself and with buildup so it needs to be moist for easier detangling

I shall shampoo, Henna, deep condition and detangle and probably wear a wash and go for the weekend and twist my hair on Sunday.

Excuse the bad pictures I was using my webcam which makes my forehead look like I dunked it in Elianto. I have been wearing my braids in a little ponytail with half of my braids loose
Mbabazi said...

i actually like these long big braids. will do them when my hair is long enuf. i finally found the henna. not the exact packed one but still a green powder so i guess all i do is mix with water and apply. thanks.

Mary said...

Hiya Mbabazi... apparently there's been a Nupur Mehindi Henna shortage in town!! (GASP!! HIDE YOUR HUSBAND AND KIDS! PANIC!!!)

I've scoured all over this fair city looking for a pack. I'll let you know if I find an untapped reserve.

Nyash, the braids are COMING OFF. Let's have henna night this Saturday over movies and wine :)

kimvan said...

You wore them nicely

Zip said...

it's been 4 days since got my braids on, and my face has been covered in a rash for the same 4 days....while doing laps in toi mkt, some lady tells me it's the is this notion true? Oh face!!!!!!

Nancie Mwai said...

Elianto..hahaha...oooh i cant wait for the pics on mOnday, am following your natural hair journey like crazy.

Voe said...

hey girls :)
what happened on sunday?? i tried calling, texting but your phones were off.
oh well the sarit expo was below my standards. i was hoping to find retailers like supercosmetics selling products at reduced priced or the wholesalers of Organics and ORS.
Moving on, this hair challenge is quite the task. i've done cornrows and i tell you after doing my co-wash last weekend they looked crazy but after oiling they looked much better and sleeping in a hair scarf has definitely helped keep them neat.
now Mary i'm so sad!!! no henna???!! i was looking forward to getting henna put in my hair in another two weeks. gracious!!!
have you checked any hair supply shops in the ruthless side of town like river road??

Plus i bought carrot hair creme and i don't know how to us it on my hair. what amount is enough coz when i apply it all over my hair strands they stick together like i applied deep conditioner. i don't know if i should mix it up with castor oil or olive oil to lighten the thickness of the carrot hair creme???

Hope you all enjoy your weekend

Voe said...

hey Nyash and Mary, did you guys get the post i wrote yesterday?? apparently it needed to be approved!!

Nyachomba Kariuki said...

@Zip...Hello there..glad you got the braids in but quite sad to hear you are breaking out. Sometimes people react to the plastic in braids or sometimes the chemicals used when making be good to your skin for a week and if there is no change..take out those braids.
@Voe we decided to approve all comments before they are published due to certain anonymous comments...As for the hair show...I got quite sick and then my phone went off coz of no charge. Sad that there were no suppliers! As for the cornrows when you wash them be gentle...then the carrot oil use minimal amounts do not think you have to use a lot...As I told you use quarter a palm sized amount

Nyachomba Kariuki said...

@Kimvan..Thank you, finally took them out..quick process
@Nancie Mwai..will defo put up pics on Monday...

Voe said...

sorry. hope your much better now and fully recovered from whatever was ailing you.
i'm gentle with the cornrows coz if i was them aggressively they'll start to come out at the front and back. i simply rub and move the cornrows side to side as i cleanse and when washing out the treatment.
hahaha!! i even resort to dipping the cornrows in a basin of water to get out any treatment inside. very tricky process :)

SugarPuss said...

you rocked the braids!!! Everyone has seriously let their locs and curls loose in town today :)
great day

Anonymous said...

Marvellous dudettes!!! I found the Nupur Mehendi Henna at Tusky's T-Mall!!! 85 bob and in plenty so check all Tusky's supermarkets they should have it in stock.

Also, my hair is back in braids again. I just resorted to going back to the Afro Kinky braids. I got them done short and curly. I hate that they are so hard though, but they seem to be the only ones that my hair can do more than 10 days in.

I shall try Marley braids next. They seem to be softer to the touch, and closer to the texture of natural hair but are quite pricey at 650/- thereabouts a pop!! Eeeek!

Have a lovely weekend lovelies.

Norkor said...

Hey! Okay guys.. omg.. I took out my extensions twists.. and omg.. i guess I didn't untangle it properly or something.. so now my hair has knots in it everywhere.. and IDK what to do.. I need to get it braided back up soon.. but for that to happen I need my hair to have zero knots in it. what do I do? I'm like freaking out right noow..

Nyachomba Kariuki said...

@Norkor....I went through that over the weekend especially at the back of my head...What you can do is get some conditioner, add some olive oil and drench those tangles for minimum 45 mins then try and detangle..that might help..try also to detangle in small sections.

Anonymous said...

@Zip, try rinsing your braiding hair with water before use. Add some apple cider vinegar to water in a container, you don't need much say 1 tablespoon to 1 cup of water. You only need a mildly acidic solution.
Synthetic extensions are made from acrylic or polyester fibres that may be treated with an alkaline lye. The vinegar is to neutralise it. I got the synthetic hair info on some random site I cannot recall so DON'T take it as absolute truth.
However, I tried it and it reduces the itch on my scalp a bit, and it definitely makes the hair softer. You can also skip this step and just rinse your hair after braiding.

ACV rinses are also great in helping to clear dandruff. BUT make sure you research proportions first, ACV is a lot more acidic(~pH 3) than your hair (~ pH 4- 5) and can cause damage. The numbers should not fool you, one pH value is 10 times greater or less than the next one. So, pH 3 is 10 times more acidic than pH 4 and 100 times (10 x 10) more acidic than pH 5.

@Norkor make sure you unravel twists carefully and gently to prevent tangling. Secure the hair in sections as you go. After you are done taking them down, u can use a conditioner/water mix to gently detangle. ALWAYS comb from tip working your way towards the root.

Hope that helps!


Nyachomba Kariuki said...

@S Thanks so much for that....I am sure Zip has taken all that in. as well as Norkor...

Little Lydiah said...

Hi :) Learning quite a lot. Like I said, this blog's really helping. From other people's posts I've read in the past month and a half, most Curlies' regrets about going natural have been not doing it sooner, and not researching enough about how to care for it before doing it.
So I want to ask a question about braids. I'm planning to chop the relaxed hair in about 3 weeks and I'm wondering whether having conditioner in my spritz is bad for braids or not. I'm using Afro Kinky.
@Chilimangoes Great save about the henna. I'm heading out to a Tusky's soon as I can.


i always trickle back to this blog when its that time when i have to face my own hair. its been four months since i braided, am finally removing my braids am sure thats not good. since i broke one of the rules which is overstaying with braids, i wonder if u have any extra tips for me, i am going to do exactly wat u did, after u undid yours, but any extra tips??

Am still going natural, strong and loving it tho!!!

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