Thursday Inspiration

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A very proactive lady, Sexy S and her lovely friend...Truly Inspirational

Leopard Print, Leather, Skinny, No ciggies thanks! African Print, Sisal weaved clutch, frohawk!!

Brandy is bringing the 90's will I soon.

@A simple thing, this is for you!

@Neema, I got you too!! Rocking Safari Today!

Kwesi Abbensetts, Takes the most beautiful pictures #thatisall. I need a nose ring in my life!

Waiting to watch my first cricket game#thingsyoudo
Happy Thursday
Neema said...

NICE! Me gusta mucho (I like a lot)

A Simple Thing said...

Waaaaaaahhhh! I know I'm late but I LIKEY! OMG someone PLEASE buy me the dress! But no flowery cardigan - I'll work it with a wrap *makes a cool face*

Nyachomba Kariuki said...

@Asimplething...I could wear polka dots for the rest of my life right now!!!

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