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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hello there,

Some of you lovely ladies have hinted (lol) that we are slacking on the makeup tutorial front and I decided that a makeup post was due. I am not very good with this because I absolutely hate having pictures taken, but when you guys ask for something I have to suck it in and deliver.

I decided to do a Smokey eye inspired by the picture above, that could be intensified for clubbing or made more demure for a date (yeah I know you guys get lucky!)

What I used

Revlon Beyond Natural Concealer
Prestige Mineral Powder Foundation

MAC Groundwork Paint pot as an eyeshadow base
POP Smokey eyes Palette (Black Eyeshadow)
Sleek i-Divine Storm Palette (Gold eyeshadow for tearduct)
MAC eyeshadow in Soba to blend the black eyeshadow
Body Shop Black Eyeliner for the waterline

MAC Bronzing powder in Golden Bronze

Body Shop Colourglide Lipstick in Clover pink
MAC Lip gelee Saplicious

How To
  1. As always start with clean, dry and moisturised skin. I used Simple moisturising fluid. You defo need a light moisturiser
  2. I normally follow this routine when doing my make up;concealer, foundation, eyes, blusher and finish off with lips
  3. Use your ring finger to apply concealer in the areas that need it, In my case I have dark under eye circles. After applying concealer, use powder foundation to set the concealer and all over your face as the base.
  4. Apply your eyeshadow base all over your eyelid and then wet your brush with some water and dip into the black eyeshadow. Using a wet brush intensifies the colour, in this case makes the black darker
  5. As you apply the shadow, try to wing it on your outer eye edge. You can use a flat eyeshadow brush for this and follow the natural shape of your eye to create this wing. Blend
  6. After packing on the black eyeshadow, take a little brush and use the gold eyeshadow and apply it in the inner corner of your eye near the tearducts and blend. Use a brownish eyeshadow to blend the crease to avoid a stark line where you have applied black eyeshadow.
  7. Take your eyeliner and apply on the water line, then take a little stiff eyeshadow brush and apply a little black eye shadow on your bottom lid.
  8. Apply the bronzer as blush on the apples of your cheeks and then apply your lipstick and gloss. Brush your eyebrows (forgive the unruly eyebrows, plucking them now) and use an eyebrow pencil to fill in any gaps.

Handy Tip
  • To make eyeliner look darker and sultrier, get a match, light it and put the flame on the end of the eyeliner. Blow on it to make sure its completely cool and use the eyeliner on the waterline...BAM!!! Sexy eyes.
Plus, yeah I did not remember to use Mascara not sure if you noticed?..Disclaimer, I did mention that I am just a

Happy Monday peeps.
aphrodit3 said...

so pretty!

Nyachomba Kariuki said...


sugar puss said...

you look stunning :)

just have a little trick, i always apply my foundation first, just a thin layer then i apply concealer on necessary areas,then i finish with some loose powder to even it out...that way i don't end up with a "mask of gunk" and it makes u look natural. (am addicted to make up)

Shiks said...

I am happy!

My little tip is to get that sharp edge Nicole has,use duct tape. When you take the piece of,you have a really clean line.

kinky_lockz said...

this was a tutorial on seduction brought to you by Nairobi's finest :)

Nyachomba Kariuki said...

@SugarPuss...lovely name hehehe, Thanks much blushes..Thanks for the tip..shall definitely try that, just been avoiding liquid foundation because of the heat but shall defo try your trick
@Shiks...glad your pleased...much more coming your way...I think you meant masking tape...duct tape would be so painful to remove...but thanks for the tip
@Kinky_lockz....Much appreciated...Thanks a bunch....glad you liked it

SweetBonita said...


Shiks said...

Yes,masking tape,not what they when kidnapping people!

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