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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hey, how you doing,

When my sister was home for the holidays, we had our big ol' chunky braids done on the same day. She also had a blow-out done and man her hair just keeps getting thicker and longer! (shes on the henna train as well, another believer of the herb!)

Here are a few pictures of her blow out.

Dude, her hair has become a lot thicker ever since she started her henna regimen.

She hardly ever gets her hair blown out so she was also surprised at how much length she's attained.

Le Puff! :)

Her curl pattern is a lot like Nyachombas (3c). I'll be sure to post pictures of her reverted hair in its happy, curly, natural state along with her final chunky braids. I am loving those braids right now! Oh you guys should know that they age beautifully! Just call me the chunky box braids mascot!

Have a lovely day people!
Miriam said...

Its wonderful that she does not have traction alopecia aka no hair at the front due to pulling. Do you have a post on the henna regimen?

Nyachomba Kariuki said...

@Miriam..Sister Dearest has some lovely hair and uses no stress styles which avoids any possibility of having traction alopecia....She has got lovely hair
As for the henna regimen please refer to this post

Anonymous said...

her hair looks so thick and healthy,wow! Simply Cayyyyute! just curious, are they basing her scalp? and if so,what product are they using?

Mary said...

@Miriam, we all generally avoid stressful styles and we are careful to be gentle on our hairlines. She follows the attached preparation method (courtesy of Nyachomba)and applies henna every three-four weeks.

@Anonymous, yup they are basing her scalp with a homemade mix of shea butter, castor oil, extra virgin olive oil and tea tree essential oil.. yummy stuff!

Nancie Mwai said...

i love the way natural hair looks and the afroness it can achieve! i just fear that it would be hard for me to handle esp coz my hair is super hard and thick!
I love your blog missy, following you on bloglovin to keep up :)

Nyachomba Kariuki said...

@Nancie...Thanks for the comment, Thats the one thing that ladies say about natural hair..its so hard and thick and unmanageable...but with good hair practices natural hair is so easy to maintain and so enjoyable...Its a pity that African ladies are so scared of their authentic..kinks and coils. Thanks for following thought..bigger better posts coming soon

Anonymous said...

Lovely hair! Some people have coarse hair which can feel hard but most times the hair is just dry, tangled or both! By basing the scalp, you mean oil right? What are the proportions in your mix, I've tried a butter and oil mix before and found it a little too heavy on the scalp, worked great on the hair though!


kinky_lockz said...

wow! her hair is gorge.. i would love some more thickness for sure.

Anonymous said...

that is definitely not type 3 hair! its 4!

Nyachomba Kariuki said...

@HairtypingAnonymous..A thousand do have quite a keen eye

Norkor said...

NYACHOMBAAA!:D duuudee.. that lady's hair is so freaking pretty! How could I do that? my hair's in braids right now. like little twisties with hair piece..:D and I never knew that I could like deep condition and like wash my hair with the braids in! Woot! I tried that a couple of days ago.. and my hair felt super heavy but then it dried really fast! Anyhoo! This is great.. cuz my scalp was starting to itch a little bit xD talking too much.. but I wanted to know how I could get the blow-out thingie done? My hair.. is.. er.. well I think it's been like a year and 4 months since I stopped relaxing it so IDK what a good length it would have to be to get a blow-out.. :D okiee.. imma go noww xD

Nyachomba Kariuki said...

@Norkor, You can defo wash and deep condition in braids or twists...and thats where loads of ladies go wrong..not washing braids for 4 weeks eeuuuwwww!!! The braids do feel very heavy and you have to be very gentle with them when wet.
As for the blowout, all you need is super clean hair, some heat protectant and a steady hand. You can get mum to do it if you cannot handle the blowdrier. Most important is that you use heat protectant. Blowdry until its just stretched out and not necessarily straight. Happy hair growing

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