Henna Preparation

Friday, January 14, 2011

Well, hello there

Below outlines my Henna preparation!

1. Cleanse
I like to clarify my hair (rid it of any product build-up) because this allows my hair to easilyabsorb any treatment/ conditioner that I place afterwards.

Baking Soda and Water Clarifier

2. Henna Preparation
Many people prepare henna differently; here is my quick and easy way of going about it (this is also upon the request of one lovely Miss Zip :D)

You will need;
- Extra Virgin Olive Oil
- 1 whole lemon
- Tea Leaves
- Water
- 1 packet of Nupur Mehendi Henna (Available in all leading super markets and cosmetics stores)

Henna mix Ingredients

Boil the tea, make it STRONG... (see above) now that's strong tea!

Keep adding the henna powder and tea in intervals while constantly stirring (be sure to sift the tea). Doing so will prevent lumps and clots from forming. Try not to use a metal spoon (unlike myself).

Squeeze in the lemon juice (from the entire lemon: the acid brings out the dye in the henna). Add about two-three tablespoons of olive oil (this will help with retaining moisture). You want a thick yogurt like texture.

Finally, seal up that bad boy and leave it for an ENTIRE DAY! trust me on this... the dye will seep right out.

That sums up day one.

Apply the dye after 24 hours. Lather it on every single strand possible. Cover up with a shower cap and seal up with a dark colored head-wrap. Leave it on for as long as possible but no less than five hours.

3. Deep Condition
In order to infuse moisture into my hair, I do a deep conditioning treatment using ORS Replenishing Conditioner... For that extra bang, I add some coconut milk and more olive oil, my hair loves it. As with the protein treatment, I wrap up with shower cap, warm a towel and leave on for about an hour.

This fetches for about KSH 600 at Super Cosmetics, it's well worth it though

Much love. x

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