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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Well its a New Year and you know what that means for most people across the world, This is the time where loads of us are making resolutions that will be kept or broken in the next few weeks. All the best to those who may make life changing resolutions.

I have decided to make resolutions but rather call them little changes so that they are little life changes rather than soon to be broken resolutions. My changes are below,

Nyachomba's Life's little changes

  • I am going to live each day like its my last and concentrate on the present moment, avoiding over thinking and live and love each day to the fullest
  • I will save money more and grab opportunities as they come
  • I will also take more fashion risks and take more time getting ready...the sartorialistesque...simple but chic, red lipstick to work, wear heels more often, mix prints...just go all out!!

How hot is she? I'll have the hair, waist, thighs, legs and heels please!

Health and Body changes
  • I will exercise a minimum of 3 times a week (just being realistic), this will keep my hair growing, skin glowing and life moving. I also want to run the 21K later on in the year
  • I will also try as much as possible to eat a vegetarian diet as much as possible. This has been tricky for me especially during the festive season (eek!)

Beauty Changes
  • I will take care of my skin; not sleeping in my make up, cleansing, toning, moisturising, weekly at-home facials, 2 times weekly body scrubs and daily body brushing.
  • I will also try and incorporate more natural oils and products into my skin care regimen e.g. lemon juice and rosewater toner
Hair Changes
  • Moisturise twice daily. I have found that I slack a lot on moisture issues, this will stop in 2011. So ready for my BAA
  • Protective styling is the name of the game in 2011. I will incorporate more braidout updos, Goddess braids ala Tracee Ellis Ross and twists.
Please share your resolutions if you have any in the comment section, we would love to read them

Nyachomba X
aphrodit3 said...

Hey :) Happy new year! My main resolution when it comes to hair is to not cut it this year. I'm extremely scissor-happy, I've cut my hair 4 times in the past year :(. Also wanna do well in school, FINALLY get my driver's license and get myself an internship. Best of luck on your resolutions :)

Nyachomba Kariuki said...

@aphrodit3...Happy New Year!!! Thats a good resolution...scissor happiness is not great if you are trying to grow hair hehehe, Doing well in school is imperative and all the best with that. Driver's licence I also wanna work on that..I am absolutely terrified of driving on Kenyan roads.. You go girl..its 2011..Doing it BIG!!

Anonymous said...

NYASH BOO heheh im likin ur list n i am so with u on the umm lemon juice. began doing it this week after scrubbing my face with honey n brown sugar. my main resolutions, i prefer to say goals really, that way i stick to em lol -- would probably be to finally start rocking my natural hair, im not going to mind the length right now really, just wanna start learning to style and work with it (can't wait to take out them braids lol). then also to start taking in more oils in my body i.e. fish oil (does wonders to skin as well) and also working out a lot. and i feel like this is the year where i start doing me, not worrying bout no one but me! woohoo 2011 we are soo doing it big lol!! . take care doll. your namibian homie panduleni <3

Nyachomba Kariuki said...

@Panduleni..hey you!!! Lovely to see a comment from you hehehe I have noticed such a difference with my skin after scrubbing so skin for 2011.
New naturals are always very cautious when learning to do their own hair..but be brave and just do it and trust me you will love it!!
You gotta do you...take care of your star player and your star player is you (lol thats from Katt Williams hehehehe) Doing it big in 2011

chyikum said...

my 2011 hair resolution is to not cut it...because of never knowing what to do with it i cut it 6 times last year,sigh

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