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Friday, January 7, 2011

This post is all about the inspiring, motivating and FUN as heck Vision Board meet up hosted by our awesome pal Miss K's right before we celebrated New Years.

She invited a few of her close friends and asked us to get a couple of items... some manila paper, glue and markers. K is one of those enchanting women with her fanciful ideas and a vivacious outlook towards life; so by then we were all baited and hooked by what lay ahead. After we were well fed and watered, our lovely hostess further explained the significance of the meet up and the purpose of the aforementioned items.

We were to each create our personal vision boards (a visual depiction of what we want the future to bring), each vision board would be unique to the individual and as personal as we would permit. K gave us a bunch of magazines to cut out inspiring pictures from... there were loads of magazines! So for a good hour or so we just perused through the pages looking for the coolest pictures we could get our hands on.

(Ahem... Before we go on, allow me to apologize for the low quality images. Nyash and I both forgot to carry our cameras, it's one of those things. Thanks for understanding.)

Five ladies plotting and scheming on how to conquer our private little kingdoms; the conversation was perfect, the wine was crisp and the night was cool and breezy. Fun times.

So let's have a look at what we came up with, I'll begin with the hostess's vision board;

Vision 2011 and Beyond!

Close up.1

Close up.2

Now lets have a look at our second vision board!

It's coming together

Close up.1

Close up.2

And here is Nyachomba's vision board;

She was the first to complete hers! talk about focus :D

Close up.1

Close up.2

The lovely miss in the red dress had this to share!

I just adore her locs...

Close up.1

Close up.2

And lastly, here is my vision board;

Happy Times my friends

Close up.1

Close up.2

The night ended with our personal promises sealed in our hearts and our heads slightly buzzed. We all have our boards stuck on our bedroom walls; that way we will definitely stay focused. We also agreed to check up on each others progress on a quarterly basis, for the sake of motivation of course. So wish us luck!

And here's to you and you're vision of the future.

Amazing group of women

Love and respect as always, Mary.


Mama Violet said...

I love this idea. I've created a virtual vision board but creating one with my friends (and with wine) sounds like a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

Discovered this blog through a friend and i LOOOVE IT!! keep up the good job and i can't wait to see what 2011 brings in this blog.
fellow Kenyan sistah rocking locs:)

Mary said...

Hey Mama V! I didn't even know you could create a virtual VB! I'll do a bit of research on that, please share a few links if you have any. Everything goes down nicely with some wine and a bunch of your close friends ;)

Anon how are you, THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT! Everyday Nyash and I get so excited over the progress of the blog, we will do our darnedest to make sure 2011 is our year.
Go on and rock them locs baby girl :)

Miss K said...

Mary how emotional am I right now? The tears rolling down..Si you have bumped my ego... ;-) But thank you for coming..It was wonderful having you around..Creating pieces of our lives thru pictures... ;-) I wake up every morning and take a good look at my vision board and to be honest, its working...Hope its working for you..
To better friendships and lives babe...xoxo..

Soleil said...

I love the vision board idea. I am 1.5 years natural(kinyozi first and then 'fro till it was long enough to start locs), and 6months into my locs(Started in NBO in July 2010). I have never been happier to stop wearing braids, weaves, wigs and do not miss relaxing my hair. A vision whose time has come!

Nyachomba Kariuki said...

@MissK...you had a great idea and cheers for inviting us lol...The vision board defo keeps you focused and I am so glad we did it...Found this article that you guys may fancy

@Soleil So glad with your vision...locs are beautiful, enjoy them..

Anonymous said...

Hey guys...pretty fantastic idea....we got to do the same thing twice during a certain reality show/talent competition and sadly I can't really remember much of what I put up.

Loooks like you guys had a fantastic time, and I hope you all get to fulfil your goals...I'm slowly working on mine for the year..one by one.

Mad love!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good idea. I saw something similar on glamazini's blog(glamazini.com) called a life map.

Nyachomba Kariuki said...

@Anony...Thanks for the link...she is a really cool natural head..glamazini

@Chilli Mango, Hahaha certain talent competition..you have made me smile...The vision boards are grrreeaatt!!! Much love...

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