Brandy Braids; Our First Protective Style of Choice

Friday, January 14, 2011

Hey hey hey!

As Nyachomba and I mentioned on our 2011 To-Do list, protective styling is key if we are to attain insane length by the end of the year. To start off, I did some chunky box braids about a week ago!

This is also the finale of the prelude post. May I just add that I love them!

By the way, Is it just me or do you guys also LOATHE the first two days of fresh braids? My goodness, my hair looks sparse, the gaps drive me crazy and styling is out of the question because my scalp is way too tender. I spend these two days feeling awkward and spritzing the heck out of my hair... I digress, so anyway here are my Brandy Braids!

Getting them done was dirt cheap! Ksh. 500, (that's about $ 6.25). The braids are super synthetic and a packet cost about Ksh. 70 (that's less than a dollar), I only used three.

I asked the braider to make them extra large; the downside was that they were heavy, so I kinda had to chop a quarter of the length off for the sake of my poor hairline (I am extremely paranoid when it comes to traction alopecia. Extremely.)

Did I mention that I had them done in the comfort of my home while as I watched True Blood (I love you Eric... and Mehcad). It took three hours to have them done, (what can I say I have a rather large head and lots of hair, plus it was only one braider).

Nyachomba is also having her Brandy Braids done next week! We are planning an epic protective style challenge for the first quarter of 2011, please feel to join us!

Well that's it for now, do enjoy the weekend.

Love and affection! x
Val said...

I hate the first week of braiding. Omg! Pure torture..

Joining the challenge as soon as I braid the hair..

kinky_lockz said...

You look so pretty! These braids seem much more comfortable than micros.

Mary said...

Hey Val, yay! get that hair braided mami, I have to say it's a nice break from the rigorous duties of natural hair.

Kinky_lockz, you make me blush now, oh stop it! They are so comfortable - after the initial two days of drama - but yes I am never going back to micros. Undoing these braids will be a breeze, I would recommend them.

Bringing back the 90's yaol!

Anonymous said...

Nice braids! but be careful yo. I had similar braids put in. Large, coz I did't have much time. And long, because...well, I like em long. Lakini even after just 3 weeks ( I missed my curls, what can I say?) my hairline had suffered! yawa! I was in shock. I kept looking looking, saying nooo, it can't be. (I am usually veeeeeeeeery careful with my hair. And I have neeever suffered any hair loss/damage since I went natural) I am still religiously applying castor oil to my hairline willing them baby hairs to get into their teens. I recommend you ...maybe shorten the ones at your hairline? tho I know it will ruin the look. Ama atleast don't wear the braids down for long periods of time. I 'unno...

Bee said...

Hi there! First time on the blog, followed the link from elsewhere. It's great to see another natural hair blog by Africans :-)

I like braids but until I went natural last autumn,the fascination hadn't extended to my own head. I recently learned how to braid myself, and it's been great trying out different hair do's. I look forward to reading more stuff from you guys, pay my blog a visit sometime.

Tack! Bee :-)

Anonymous said...

Mawwwy someone is looking vewy pwetty :)

Anonymous said...

wow these braids look so good on you! where did you get the hair from (online or at a store)and who braided it for you? i really want to have something like this done. if you could would you please email me at thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Really? Only 3 bags of hair? I wish! Mine is always 7 or 8 bags minimum! The braids look great on you. I'm also working on gaining length and will be wearing my box braids on and off for the next 8 months. Joy!

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