3 Month Protective Style Challenge

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Great Weekend?

So we have decided to have a protective style challenge. The aim of the challenge is to have longer, thicker, healthier hair in 12 weeks. This will be done mainly through protective styling, henna and intensive deep conditioning.

How long will it run?
The challenge will run for 12 weeks and will involve being in protective styling for 3 weeks with a week off to enjoy your hair (you know how we naturals miss having our hair out). So that means 9 weeks of protective styling and 3 weeks to enjoy your hair.
January 24th-April 24th (However you can adjust this dates to suit you)

What will it involve
You can choose any protective style, such as braid with extensions, twists with extensions, cornrows with or without extensions and weaves.You can also do twists with your own hair should you so wish.

  • Daily Moisturising with glycerin, water and conditioner mix. You can add an essential oil such as tea tree to keep your scalp fresh
  • Cleansing with shampoo or chosen cleanser every 2 weeks or more frequent if you work out
  • Weekly or Fortnightly deep conditioning. We shall post tutorials on how to deep condition in braids
  • Scalp and hairline massages with an oil of your choice, preferably Castor oil every 2 days
  • Henna treatments on the week off as well as intensive deep conditioning
Should you wish to add any rules, please add a comment and we shall include it in the post

All the best ladies..and Have a great week
Anonymous said...

I am inside that plan....loving the henna treatment by the way...don't know if it was all in my head or the actual reality but my hair did feel stronger after it.

Now those braids that I told y'all I was gonna try out, disaster!!! But I managed to salvage the situation so my protective style challenge begins today!!

Thanks lovely ladies...had an awesome time on Saturday...and here's to beautiful hair!!

I'm so excited...I can feel my hair just pushing out of my scalp....BAA here I come!!!

Nyachomba Kariuki said...

Yesh...lets do this. Did it rinse off okay and was there any noticeable colour? It defo feels stronger..strands feel thicker.

Oh no...sorry about the braids..but you've got swag so I am sure you made it work!!
BAA's we are so ready

Anonymous said...

It rinsed off so well, I was a bit surprised...coz I just used my normal shower stream and I kow it can get troublesome to rinse everything off. I did notice a colour change but it's not as noticeable as I thought it would be which is great.

There was however a patch at the top of my head which was noticeably coarser than the rest of the head...don't know what that's about, but it's all good!!

I'm so excited about this...WOOHOOO!!!

DEEvine said...

Imma enjoy my hair colour for a bit and then that protective braid challenge is ON!! Thanks for schooling me on the spritz mix by the way, twas really cool meeting you fine ladies on Sato. Can't wait to try the henna once the colour fades away, Chilli Mango has given me mad psyche for it =)
Let us know when the naturalistaz meet up is! Sunshine and sparkles. Mwaaaah!

Nyachomba Kariuki said...

@ChilliMango..glad it rinsed off well. Well the downside to henna is that it can make your hair a bit drier and coarse...but that can be remedied with a good deep conditioning treatment
@Deevine..Twas lovely meeting you..Enjoy the hair..its absolutely beautiful and do not forget to spritz...our hair thrives on moisture. We shall defo let you know about the meetup.Kisses!

Voe said...

hey :) i'm so up for this challenge. my hair has been acting up of late. really brittle and rough at the ends. i hope this challenge will help me out :)
and how to deep condition with cornrows would really help me out :)

Nyachomba Kariuki said...

@Voe...Long time!!! Just make sure you deep condition often because it sounds like your hair is dry..use a lot of moisturising deep conditioning. We shall defo do a post on how to deep condition in braids and cornrows..

Kellie said...

hey, dont mean t be artless but what does deep conditioning entail? i want to learn how to maintain my hair better this year. Kellie

Nyachomba Kariuki said...

@Kellie...You are definitely not artless..please refer to this post about deep conditioning http://thenaturalgirlsguidetobeauty.blogspot.com/2010/12/step-by-step.html

Mkristo Walks said...

Hope this will help me out with my brittle nywelez!

jojo said...

I have been doing natural for maybe an year. My hair was not growing the way I wanted so three weeks ago I decided that I needed to do something about that. I have tried green house effect, inversion method and also I am in a protective style right now. I can not wait for my hair to grow so that when I go back to Kenya next yr. I can show it off.

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