We go together like Blankets and Wine Part III

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Gorgeous people, This is the last post on Blankets and Wine and the grand finale focuses on hair. There was so much natural hair on show mainly locs but natural nonetheless. Enjoy the pictures

Locd n Free

Close cut Mohawk

Auburn TWA


Isn't she the prettiest lady ever!! Lady in Green

Lovely ladies


Look how grown Mary's hair is.

P.S I recently got featured on bglhonline. Check out the feature by clicking on this link http://bglhonline.com/2010/12/nfatw-nyachomba-in-kenya/

All pictures taken by the Lovely Fairy, Mary!!

lordvinie said...

Loving all the locks, beautiful locks family out there and they all look natural.

Mary Mogoi said...

We loved every second of it... Kenyans are super friendly when it comes to taking pics! lol!

Sir Lordvinie I believe a post on your own lock journey is necessary! :D

Muthoni Maingi said...

The baby!!! Oh that gorgeous baby!!!

Sly Says said...

Awesome. I'm so coming to the next one, and I'm hoping that by then I'll have some progress to show for the advice you guys give. Mary's hair look gorgeous, and so does Nyash's in the bglh site, reason enough to stay on this journey.
P.S. What quantities of henna is one supposed to use? And thanks again for the 'Where and What' article last week. Really appreciate it.

Zip said...

wooohooo...nubian goddesses and kings!!!!!lil princess Vera looking gorgeous..thx M n N...

Anonymous said...

Oh, the lovely locs! The girl in the asymmetrical cut looks fierce! Enjoyed reading your feature on BGLH.


Nyachomba Kariuki said...

@Muthoni..The little girl is absolutely gorgeous..plus her hair oh my!!

@Sly, Make sure to go for the next one..look out for it on facebook..gives all the details. Please search for henna on the search box on your right..and there are a few posts on henna that will guide you as you explore. your very welcome and we do this for you guys

@Anonymous..thank you very much..

kinky_lockz said...

Oh my gdness!! Kenyans seriously take the party wherever they go :) beautiful people, thnx so much for sharing x

Rhona said...

woo i wanna come to kenya !!!!!

hair and ppl .. beautiful x

kimvan said...

beautiful pics...

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